Barefoot Running 

I have decided to start dabbling in barefoot running!!!

This isn’t a decision that I just made on a whim, at least not really. I’ve been thinking about ditching my shoes (at least every now and again) for a while now. I’m not gonna lie though, aside from reading Born To Run (go figure, right? 😉 ) a few years ago, I’ve done little to no research on running without shoes. I do, however, have a whole childhood full of experience in running around with naked feet.

In the woods, pond, barn, gravel driveway, front yard, riding bikes, four wheeler, tractors, chasing feral kittens, or our chickens, it didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, I can pretty much guarantee my sisters, brother, and I were doing it in our bare feet. Much to our mother’s displeasure, I might add. She didn’t appreciate us tracking whatever it was we had gotten into the house, and for that I cannot blame her.

So it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with doing things without something protecting my feet. I’m actually well versed at it. Like I mentioned before, I can walk on gravel in my bare feet without any issues. I’ve got some crazy calluses on my feet. I always have, and if anything, running has just made them more tough. I guess that’s not the most attractive thing ever, but hey, it’s functional!


Me and my sister Jessica, July 2013

What brought this all to the forefront of my mind was a pair of too tight shoes. Last Friday Luke, his brother, and I decided we were going to walk around the neighborhood at 11 pm to look at Christmas lights. Actually, they wanted to drive around in a car because it was freezing cold and they are warm weather people, but I insisted on walking. I had to suffer throughout the summer, so now it’s my turn to enjoy the weather, damn it!! Haha anyway, I was wearing the new pair of boots that they got me for Christmas. I didn’t realize how much those boots were squeezing my toes until I couldn’t feel them anymore about 1/2 mile into our walk. So I took them off and spent the rest of our walk in my socks, and man did it feel good! (That’s also how I ended up with my spiffy new snow boots, as we took those boots back the next day). It’s not like it had been a while since I’ve walked around either. Just this summer I spent a lot of time sans shoes, especially while visiting my parents.


Flip flops, socks, and bare feet. Typical. 🙂 Also, my crazy sock tan line makes my legs look dirty!

I don’t know, I guess that just kinda set off the thought that maybe I should try running without shoes again. Over the summer while my dad and I were in Colorado I spend some time running on a shitty motel treadmill in my socks, because I can’t run correctly on treadmills. I seriously destroyed a pair of shoes while running 3 times a week on a treadmill, back when Luke and I lived in an apartment. Plus, I already prefer running in Nike Free’s. I like being able to feel the ground under my feet, so why not take that to the next level?

“Why not indeed?” I asked myself .7 miles into my easy 1 mile run this morning. “My neighbors probably think I’m crazy anyway, what difference will taking my shoes off really make at this point?” I said to myself as I stopped at the corner and slipped off my shoes. And that’s basically the whole story of how I ended up running .3 miles, and right past the very busy civics center, in just my socks while holding my shoes in my hands. Yeah I got a few weird looks. 🙂


I guess that technically wasn’t barefoot running since I was wearing socks, but meh, close enough. I don’t particularly want to run on a dirty street with nothing protecting my feet anyway, I’d definitely go completely barefoot on grass somewhere people don’t frequent though. Anyway, having my feet free was a super pleasant experience and this is something that I’m definitely going to have to do regularly. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have you ever run in bare (or socked) feet? 

How do you feel about minimalist shoes?

Grey/blaze orange wool Browning socks, yay or nay? (It’s a definite yay from me!)



13 thoughts on “Barefoot Running 

  1. Rachael @ Catch Me If You Can

    i cant do barefoot my running form is totally whack when running barefoot. i think if i was doing a race on a track yes (i only run on the balls of my feet barefoot). i think its super cool you want to try this out though. im interested to hear how it works for you, some people absolutely love the barefoot running.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I totally feel ya! Treadmills completely through my form off, so I get where you’re coming from. I actually run mostly on the balls of my feet. There is a little bit of outer foot action too, but my heels feel like the hardly touch the ground. For whatever reason that’s just more comfortable for me. I kinda wonder if my high arches have something to do with that. I’m super interested to see how this works out for me as well lol! It felt really good to just run in my socked feet yesterday, so I’m thinking this just may be something I end up loving. 🙂

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  2. Botendaddy

    Gorgeous Ashley, thanks for the like on my article. I don’t know about barefoot running, glass, nails, risk of serious injuries or diseases like tetanus. I think back in Indian days but even they wore moccasins….

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I really don’t think you could get seriously injured running without shoes, there’s actually quite a bit of research out there that says running barefoot may actually be better for you. Although I’d be more inclined to believe that kind of thing varies from person to person. I’ve been running in socks to avoid total contact with anything gross another person has left behind (spit, snot, gum, etc.). But as for glass, nails, and things like that well, you just have to watch where you step. Really no different from trail running, or running on a badly paved road when you think about, in those situations you’d have to watch where you’re putting your feet as well. Also, I don’t see much glass or any other sharp objects in the road. Most people, whether they be responsible citizens or city workers, tend to pick that kinda stuff up as it will destroy a cars tiers. Plus I don’t know about you, but I have some crazy calluses in my feet, and I can only imagine they’ll continue to get more tough as I run more without shoes. Calluses are our bodies way of naturally protecting our feet. Plus I’ve had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years, so I’m not worried about that. As far as Native Americans exclusively wearing moccasins, in not sure, although I would imagine that’s not necessarily the case, but I do know of several well known African athletes who don’t wear shoes. Like Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia, who is most famous for winning a gold medal in the 1960 Olympic marathon, which he ran barefoot. Pretty neat, right? 🙂

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      1. Botendaddy

        You’ve done your homework. May I guess you are a southerner? I lived in Charlotte for a few years a long time ago. My neighbor was a barefoot runner, but he stopped out of fear of hookworm. Be careful out there, kid.

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      2. Ashley Dailey Post author

        Yup! I tend to do that when I set my mind on something lol. Nope, I’m Midwesterner. I spent the first 20 years of my life in a kinda rural part of Illinois (in the STL area), but I’ve lived in a kinda rural area in Kansas (near the KC area) for almost 5 years now. Will do!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      3. Botendaddy

        I have an odd connection to both places. My Great-Grandfather when he came to the US, settled in East St. Louis and I spent a few tours at Ft. Leavenworth, so I know the KCK area fairly well.

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