Christmas Came Early This Year! 

Oh man, Luke, his brother, and I are all very impatient people! That’s why Christmas came early haha. 

Earlier this week Luke’s brother started doing his Christmas shopping. He schemed with me for a bit, and ended up getting Luke a new pair of shoes (which he desperately needed). I guess he was super excited to give them to Luke, because that’s exactly what he did the second he got back from the store. 

I guess that kinda set the precedent for everyone else, because at this point, no one is waiting to give anyone anything until Christmas (aside from some people who we won’t be seeing until Christmas that is). 

On Friday night Luke and his brother went Christmas shopping for me and their dad. Luke told me they were going all out for me, and oh man, they weren’t kidding! They were gone for almost 5 hours looking for certain things for me and their dad. 

Their dad is one of the people we won’t be seeing until Christmas, but they got him a pretty awesome knife, claw thingy. Think Wolverine’s claws and that’s basically what it is. It’s pretty neat though, and he’s super into stuff like that, so I know he’s going to love it! 

Luke begged me to stay up that night because they wanted to give me the gifts they got me that night. Haha told you we’ve all been too excited to wait! 

When they came home they lugged in three huge bags, while wearing shit eating grins on their faces. I told them not to spend too much money on me (because apparently telling them I didn’t want anything was absolutely out of the question), so it was quite obvious that they didn’t listen. They ended up getting me a super spiffy pair of snow boots, Honey Stinger waffles, Shoe Dog (which is apparently a super popular book. They had to go to three stores different to find it), and a new tea set (I collect teapots because they are super neat). Oh and a fancy pair of wool socks! It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t make out with at least one pair of socks. That’s literally all I ask anyone for. 😂

Bubbles is enjoying the boxes everything came in.

So that was all super exciting! But I couldn’t just let them get away with getting me all of that. So on Saturday morning while Luke was still asleep I “stole” his car and drove my happy ass down to Tractor supply and got him a blue flannel shirt that he really liked and some green apple licorice (his favorite). Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to get his near as much as he got me, but the look on his face when he saw what I had done was priceless, and he hasn’t taken off the shirt since I gave it too him. 

I’m not sure what to get for my brother in law, but I still have some time to figure that out. 😉

Later on Saturday we all went out to find their brother and sister who live in Minnesota a few more video games that they wanted, then went to FedEx to have them shipped to them. Their package should get there on Wednesday and we’re all excited to find out how they react. They have no idea they have gifts coming from us. 

After that was taken care of we set out to find their youngest brother (the one who lives in Illinois) a practice sword. Since they had gotten their dad a weapon, and my brother in law got their other brother a sword, they wanted to stick with that theme, but don’t think he’s ready for a real one yet (as someone who’s been shooting guns since she was three and playing with knives ever since I can remember, I don’t see what’s wrong with a nine year old having a real weapon, but I guess everyone’s different). We ended up finding one of those stick things that are covered in foam except for the handle. He’s absolutely going to love it, but I’m sure his mom is going to be pissed at us for all of these weapon like things. 

I feel like I need to stop for a second and say yes, I do know that there’s a lot more to Christmas than gifts, but you gotta admit, giving and receiving gifts is a lot of fun. Especially when you give someone something you know they’ll absolutely love or have wanted for a long time. 

Anyway, I feel like I’ve been saying “super” a lot lately. I know I’ve used that word at least 18 times in this post (that’s probably an over exaggeration, but whatevs). I go through phases of using certain words or phrases, I think. I don’t know why I felt like stating that here, I guess I just find it super interesting. Hey look, I did it again! 😉

I feel like I’ve rambled on long enough about Christmas gifts and my weird habits, so I’m thinking now would be a a good time to ramble about running for a little bit! I mean, that’s pretty much the main premise of this whole blog anyway.

As of today I am at the halfway point of the Runner’s World winter running streak! Yay!! Only 20 more days to go! 

I think my body is finally starting to adjust to the whole streaking thing. My legs don’t have that lead/jello-y feeling anymore, and I feel really good as a whole. At this point I’m really starting to enjoy my little one mile jaunts. I feel like there’s no pressure to go far, or at a certain pace. I’m just out there running and having fun. It’s really nice. 

Although I tend to struggle getting out the door though. I definitely did this this morning, once I get going in usually able to shake off any negative thoughts and enjoy myself. This morning was particularly exciting because it was super cold and I had a Green Day album keeping me company before, during, and after my run. 😄

For some reason Winchester really wanted to try my coffee this morning.

That being said, I don’t think I’m going to be extending this streak any farther that the 40 days I’ve planned to do. As much fun as I’m having, I still feel like I’m one of those people who need to take at least one total rest day a week. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind in the next 20 days. 😉

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do around the house today and I’m starting to feel like I’m running out of time to get it all finished. 

Happy Monday! I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season as much as I am! 

~Ashley 🎄🎅🏻❄️


5 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early This Year! 

  1. statomattic

    Super job with the run streak (see what I did there?)! My wife and daughters are getting a couple of super exciting things for Christmas, and it’s killing me that they have to wait another two weeks to find out!


  2. Rachael @ Catch Me If You Can

    thats so cute they couldnt wait to give you your christmas gifts! i want people to know right away what i got them but we get together as a big family and all open our presents together so i love that tradition too. LOVE those boots they look so warm! you may say super alot but i say awesome a lot. its ok, we can have a signature word right?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      That’s neat! Luke’s grandparents do something similar and it is a lot of fun. Thanks! The are so so so warm! They’re lined with material that reflects your body heat back at you, which is perfect for me, because my feet are always super cold. Haha I don’t see why not! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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