Weekly Recap: November 28th-December 4th, 2016


  • 10 minutes (2.3 miles) on the stationary bike
  • 1 mile run

Temp runs scare me, so I’ve decided I need to do more of them. Obviously this one was super short, but 1 mile is a good place to start! I warmed up for 10 minutes on the stationary bike, ran my mile at a “comfortably hard” pace, then walked 10 minutes to cool down.


  • Easy 30 minutes
  • 15 minutes of blogilates ab workouts

Didn’t want to get out of bed. Didn’t feel like running either. Got up and did 30 easy minutes anyway.


  • Intervals
  • 15 minutes of lower body work

For Wednesday’s workout I warmed up with an easy mile, ran for two minutes, walked for a minute, repeated 9 times, then cooled down by walking for about 10 minutes. I would have liked to have gone a little faster, but that just wasn’t happening. I had fun though, and at the end of the day I think that’s more important than hitting certain paces. πŸ™‚



  • 1 easy mile
  • 1 hour of bowling in the evening (totally counts as a workout πŸ˜‰)

I totally forgot to change my socks before this run. I also had to double check that I was actually wearing running shoes before I started. I think that pretty much sums up Thursday morning. Still got my mile done with my favorite running buddy, though. πŸ˜„


  • 1 easy mile

Nothing fancy on Friday. I was starting to feel like I was coming down with a cold, so I didn’t do much that day. 


  • 45 minute run

The original plan for Saturday was 6 miles. I’m not feeling too well today though, so I thought I’d try to go for just an hour. At around 40 minutes my throat was really starting to hurt, so I went for another 5 minutes and then decided to call it a day. I’m not upset though, I’m just glad I got out there and did something! 


  • Easy 1 mile

Feeling a little bit better today. Still only did one easy mile since Sunday is usually my rest day. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 12.99 


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