I’m really sorry I haven’t been as active on here as I usually am. We’ve had a lot going on lately, and since I’m currently not running I feel like I don’t have a lot to talk about. 

Anyway, oh man you guys, having family spread out across the country is tough, especially around the holiday season. Everyone wants to see everyone else, but inevitably people always get left out. 

Most of our families still live in Illinois, but a few years ago Luke’s mom and two younger siblings moved to Minnesota. One of my sisters has lived in Alaska for three years and her and her husband just moved to Colorado (he’s in the army, so I’m sure they’ll be moving again). My dad got a job in Colorado so he and my mom are currently renting an apartment there. Luke has a step sister who lives in Oklahoma, although Luke, his mom, his siblings and myself just visited her over the summer. And of course we live in Kansas. So yeah, that kinda makes things difficult. 

My sister is doing Thanksgiving at her house this year and since my mom and dad only live a few hours a way from her now, they will be there. My other sister drove from Illinois to Colorado last weekend and she actually stopped here on her way which was nice. But now that means my brother is going to be home alone for Thanksgivings. Well maybe, I’ll get to that in a second. Anyway, they’ve all been bugging Luke and I to go to Colorado for the holiday. Eventually we’d like to make our way out there, but right now a 10 hour drive would be kinda tough to do, from a financial standpoint. 

Recently a bunch of stuff has been going on in Luke’s family, so his mom has been bugging him to see his grandma for Thanksgiving. Luke’s mom wanted to go see her, but Minnesota has already had one blizzard and apparently they are going to have another one, so they won’t be able to go anywhere for a while. 

Luke’s dad’s side of the family already had their Thanksgiving meal. Luke’s dad works on Thanksgiving day, so they did it last weekend. He had called Luke and kinda hinted at him wanting us to come to their thing, but there was just no way we were going to be able to make that happen. 

So long story short, after much discussion with many people, and Luke’s mom sending us gas money without telling us, so now we’re in Illinois. 😂

So it’s sounding like my grandma’s farm is going to be sold by December, so this just may be the last time I get to be here. That’s kinda sad. No one seems to understand why I think it’s sad though, so I guess I’m just not gonna think about it. Not like I can change anything about it anyway.

So that’s what’s currently going on with me. I’ll posting more soon since the whole run streak thing starts on Thursday, so I’ll have more to talk about then. 

Happy early Thanksgiving!!



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