Just Some Random Thoughts

I am so freaking ready for this half marathon! Training has gone pretty well the past few weeks and I’ve definitely been seeing improvements. I’m injury free (knock on wood), I feel great physically and mentally, and I’m so ready to tackle my second 13.1!! I’m sure this feeling isn’t going to last and I’m going to start getting more nervous as race day approaches, but right now I’m totally enjoying the feeling of being ready to go!

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It’s kinda neat how nonchalant I’ve been feeling about my long runs. Last year I seriously couldn’t sleep well the night before my 10 milers (and I only did 2 of them), but now I can see a 12 miler on my scheduled and think it’s no big deal. I mean, 10+ miles is no joke! But I really have come to enjoy longer runs, and after my half marathon I kinda want to go longer. Not too long ago I was kind of unsure about anything longer than a half, but I don’t know man, maybe this means there is a full marathon in my future. I’d like to be a little more speedy so it doesn’t take me 6+ hours to complete, but I think this is definitely something I want to consider.

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I wanna do a 10k! My very first race was a half marathon, something most people (myself included actually) would not recommend. Then I did two 5k’s. I enjoyed all three of those events, but I feel like a 10k would be a lot of fun, just because it’s not too short, but it’s no too long, ya know? Actually I want to do more races in general, but damn they’re expensive!


Not gonna lie, I’m getting tired of running the same routes over and over again (another reason why I’m really looking forward to the Longview Half). I kind of want to give trail running a try but most of the unpaved/wooded trails that I’ve been able to find are over an hour away. There is a park with unpaved trails about 40 minutes from where I live (it’s actually the same park that has an off leash dog park that we go to sometimes), but those trails are waaaay to rocky/technical for a very klutzy beginner. Plus 40 minutes is still kinda far to drive for one run. I mean, it’s kinda hard to justify driving very far when I can literally step out my front door and start running. Eh, maybe someday I’ll find somewhere neat to run. At the very least I’m pretty good at entertaining myself while on the run.


Alrighty then, I’m done rambling for now. πŸ˜‰ 

Anyway, I was supposed to do 4 easy miles this morning but I was still feeling kinda bleh from my long run on Saturday, so I skipped the run and did 30 minutes of yoga instead. Totally worth it!! Now I should be nice and rested and will hopefully feel really good during my interval workout tomorrow. 

I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow, but for now I’ll leave you with Forever Now, the second to last song on Revolution Radio. I really like how this song kinda ties together the whole album, rehashes some key points, and wraps everything up in a way I very much enjoy. πŸ˜„


2 thoughts on “Just Some Random Thoughts

  1. TrekkieLianne

    Yeah girl you got the Runnin Bug big time! And I’m with you on the 10k. They’re aren’t enough of them. It’s a nice distance because it’s challenging but not exhausting. And the whole cost thing too. Racing is a damned expensive habit! It’s pretty much where most of my extra money goes

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