Weekend Shenanigans 

Oh man, we’ve had a fun filled weekend here at the Dailey homestead! I think one could argue that a little too much fun was had on Saturday, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Luke had Friday off from work, so it was a long weekend for us. That’s always a good time! Unfortunately for me, I only got 3 hours of sleep on Thursday night (well, I guess technically it was Friday morning), so I was kinda running on fumes and in a semi dazed state all day. Good times.

In all honesty it actually wasn’t all that bad. I think mostly because I still ran in the morning and it was slightly wet and chilly outside. That’s pretty much guaranteed to wake you up! How I stayed awake all day, I’m not sure. I guess because we stayed pretty busy. After my run Luke and I ran a few errands, stocked up on food, and then decorated the house for Halloween.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Friday’s run was supposed to be a fartlek. That didn’t happen, but it still ended up being a decent run. 🙂

Our neighbors probably think we’re crazy with all the holiday decorating we do. Especially since we don’t have kids or anything…well, most of them already know I’m a little nuts. They see me out running all the time in the snow, rain, heat, and gloom. I’m like a mailman in that regard. 😉 Anyway, we are just three full grown adults who take holidays very seriously hahaha.

We definitely upped our Halloween game this year! We currently have lights, spider webs, ghosts, bats, a mini grave yard, and a scarecrow. It’s pretty freaking sweet.


Like I said earlier, Saturday was when things got a little out of control. At least they did for me. I started the day off with a long run, as usual. I really didn’t want to get up and do this run. Sleeping in and taking the day easy peasy sounded like a lot more fun, but I’m training for a half marathon and I want to do well, so I got up and did it anyway. I’m really glad I did, too. I ended up having fun and I PR’d my 10k time! Go me!


The day before Luke bought a whole turkey and a bottle of sweet red wine during our grocery shopping adventures. The turkey because he’s smoked/grilled/cooked pretty much every other kind of meat already, so he wanted to try his hand at a whole turkey, and the wine because we have a small fruit fly infestation in our kitchen right now, and leaving out a small glass of wine is usually a good remedy for that issue. Plus Luke knows I like me some sweet red wine. That kinda ended up being my downfall.

After I got back from my run, Luke got the turkey going on the smoker. Since he had to baste it every hour or so we ended up spending a good majority of the day sitting in the backyard, listening to music. Around 5 pm he said something about not thinking I could drink almost a whole bottle of wine, so of course I had to prove him wrong. Which I totally did, by the way. Then I had a few beers, then a few sips of whisky. Not the best decision on my part.

Drinking large quantities of alcohol is just something I don’t do anymore. At least not often. I enjoy the healthy lifestyle I’ve adopted, I like being clear headed, and waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, so alcohol doesn’t exactly fit into that equation and that’s fine by me. But after all that wine, I thought a few Sam Adams Oktoberfest’s would go really well with the turkey (which turned out super tasty, by the way!). Then after we ate we walked to the park because playing on the swing set sounded like the most exciting thing ever, which it totally was. While walking to/from the park I had a few sips of whisky and kinda felt like a teenager again haha.

Once we got back from the park Luke noticed that I looked really red, so he made me eat and drink a bottle of water. That probably saved me from feeling too awful this morning, so I’m super grateful for that. After we ate we baked a pumpkin pie, because who the heck doesn’t want a pumpkin pie at 10:30 at night?!? 😉

Oh man, good times…I still felt kinda gross this morning though, so today became a hardcore recovery day. First we took the dogs to the dog park, though. They really needed that today, plus a little walking around was probably good for us humans too. Ever since then we’ve just been kinda chillin and I’ve been chugging water. That’s definitely helped a lot me feel better, but hey, at least I had fun. 😁

So at some point this weekend (Friday, I think?) the KC running company posted a picture of the Longview Half’s shirt/finisher medals on their Facebook page.

How freaking awesome are they?! Last year I just got a long sleeved tshirt (it’s still a really nice shirt, this years just looks more exciting) and this years finisher medal is different, which I think is pretty neat, although last years medal was super spiffy too. 😄

Last years tshirt/finisher medal

On a completely unrelated note, I kinda wish my hair was still that long, but I also kinda want to cut it all off…Anyway, as of today there are only 27 more days until I run my second half and I’m super stoked and crazy nervous! I can’t wait for November 12 to get here, but at the same time I wish I still had more time. It’s a strange feeling. 

Welp, I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about today, so I’ll leave you with Bouncing Off The Wall, because I said I was going to post every song from Revolution Radio on here, and I really mean to do it! 😁



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