Rest Day Ramblings 

Oh man, I’ve really been looking forward to my rest days at this point of my half marathon training! Looking back, I was pretty much in the same boat around this time last year as well, so I suppose that’s pretty typical. Although this time around I’m not dealing with any injuries (knock on wood). Last year my left IT Band was giving me issues, my right hip was in an almost constant state of low grade pain, and my left shin started giving me trouble after the race and has been pretty much ever since…I’m thinking I’ve got a handle on it this year though. It’s been kinda sore, but with the help of ice and compression it seems to be doing just fine! 🙂

Since I was dealing with all sorts of hurts last year, I only got two 10 mile long runs done. This year I’ve already done two and I’m planning on doing one or two more. Probably only one, though. The thought of going two weeks before the half marathon without a 10 mile long run kinda scares me, but the thought of not being properly rested scares me even more. Plus last year I went close to three weeks with hardly any running at all (well it sure felt that way), so I should be pretty much good to go this year! Haha I guess tapers are just scary in general.

Anyway, instead of running this morning Lily and I went for a nice 2 mile walk. It was nice and chilly and sunny. This week we’ve had some really awesome fall weather! Unfortunately after today the temperature is going to start rising and we’re going to have a few days with highs of 80 degrees. Sad face…Hopefully that wont last long and the cold will come back quickly, but for now I’ve just been enjoying the nice weather while it’s been here.


I kinda wish the leafs would hurry up and start getting some color though.

So, guess who’s tired of Revolution Radio? Definitely not me! I’d say I was beginning to think I have a problem, but I’m already well aware of that. Hence this whole situation;


Yeah, I literally have no shame…On the bright side, I know exactly what my half marathon playlist is going to be; Insomniac, American Idiot, and Revolution Radio. That’s all I’m going to need. I mean, last year I ended up talking to more people than I listened to music, but I like being prepared because you never know.


I suppose I’m done rambling for today (I’m not done fangirling, though). So for now I’m leaving you with the fourth track from Rev Rad. Definitely not my favorite song from this album, but I still enjoy it.


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