Luke and I were woken up at five his morning by a thunderstorm that had popped up out of nowhere. Which was kinda exciting. I like thunderstorms, but unfortunately the bunnies were in their hutch outside. So I started my day by running outside into the pouring rain and trying to carry two rabbits who don’t like being picked up into the house. Good times…but I got them in before they got too wet and they’ve been happily hanging out in the dog crate and eating tomatoes and apples ever since.


After those shenanigans I made the mistake of going back to bed, and I ended up sleeping until almost eight. Oops…If you’d recall, I’m trying not to do that anymore. So I started my day a little later than I would have liked, but I still accomplished the things I needed to do.

First and foremost, I needed to get my pot roast cooking in the crock-pot. Can you tell that I really like my crock-pot? Anyway,6 I got all my veggies chopped and the meat in into the crock-pot just in time for it to be done around five pm. Perfect! Ever since the house has smelled quite delicious, which is nice, but it definitely made me feel hungry all day. 😉


The beef just barely fit into the crock-pot haha.

Once that was taken care of I set out to do my run. My scheduled called for three easy miles today, but they definitely weren’t feeling easy, so I bailed after two. Ugh, it sucks so bad when easy miles feel hard, but at least I got two in. Plus I definitely enjoyed the weather. It was chilly and wet. My favorite!

Processed with Rookie Cam

Soooo I suppose that was the most exciting part of my day. Everything after that was just attempting to keep the house as clean as possible while it’s all muddy outside. Mud + three dogs = almost constant mopping. At least I’ve got some new Green Day to keep myself amused while I did that, though. I told you I wasn’t going to stop talking about this. 😉

Seriously, I’m going to share/talk a little bit about every song on Revolution Radio. I wasn’t kidding about that!

So far I’ve been going in the order that the songs appear on the album and I see no reason to stop that now, so that would bring us to this albums title track and second single. I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard this song I got a little worried as it’s quite similar to Bang Bang, which was the first single. I was mostly worried that every song would end up being super similar and that Revolution Radio would end up being a boring album. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and this song has grown on me ever since.

Along with keeping myself entertained by listening to Revolution Radio nonstop, my mom has been keeping me busy by texting me pictures of her and my dad’s new apartment in Colorado. It looks like a nice place and I’m glad to see that they are settling in well, but it’s just super weird. Like, seeing all that furniture in a place that’s not my childhood home is absolutely blowing my mind and making me kinda sad. I already miss the house, my grandma’s house, and all the land, and it’s not even gone yet. I just always thought that houses and my grandma’s farm would always be there, ya know? I guess it was kinda naive to think that, but it’s the truth.


Oh well. It is what it is, and life goes on. Maybe one day I’ll have a place like it to call my own. Full of cows, goats, chickens, and border collies. I sure hope so anyway, but for now I’m happy with our little house in our tiny town.



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