Ten. Freaking. Miles. 

This morning I did the first 10 miler of my half marathon training plan. It’s not the first time I’ve done a 10 mile training run, but it was the longest run I’ve done since I ran my first half last year. So I feel like it’s still a big deal. 

Luke was kind enough to take me to the trail this morning. Although, it did take some convincing to get out of bed this morning at 8. Haha that’s what he gets for staying up so late on the weekends haha! 

Today’s run was nothing fancy. 5 miles out and then 5 miles back. Easy peasy, right? Well at least that’s what I’m telling myself! The first 6 miles went well, around mile 7 I was ready for a nap, at mile 8 I was ready to swear off running for good, and by mile 9 I wanted to die. But hey, I got got through it, and now next weeks long run should be a little easier (hopefully). 

So I got this 10 miles done at the exact same pace that I did the Longview half last year, so I’m pretty confident that this year I’ll be able to do it a little faster. At least I sure hope so! 

Anyway, I finally got around to trying Honey Stinger energy chews. I really liked them! They were yummy, easy to eat, and they didn’t upset my stomach. I had some trouble opening the package, but that may have been because I was so sweaty haha. Even though I did like these, I still prefer the waffles! I think those are more tasty. 😉

When my run was done, I got some much needed mac and cheese from Panera. Hahaha trust me when I say that was very much necessary! As was my super long shower once we got home. I was disgusting.

So once all that excitement was done, Luke cooked a whole bunch of stuff! He made two jars of apple pie filling, he’s not sure how those are going to turn out but it seems fine to me. He also made chicken and dumplings and pumpkin bread. And while he was doing all that, I sat on the couch, attempted and failed at taking a nap, and sat some more. I’m so helpful haha. 

I suppose I should stretch and foam roll. I’ll get right on that once the pumpkin bread is done! 🎃😁

Happy first day of October!! 



9 thoughts on “Ten. Freaking. Miles. 

  1. Tammi Lewis

    Congratulations Ashley! That is freakin awesome! I finally did nine this morning! I so wanted to be out by 730 but I didn’t turn over until 815. And get this..just as I was almost done I checked my watch and it had stopped! I was like NOOOO!!!! I have no idea what happened but now I have no record of my 9 miles..congrats again…

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  2. TrekkieLianne

    WONDERFUL! I think 10 miles is a nice distance for proving to yourself that you’ve got what it takes. Yeah everything after 7 miles is a real test of character, but the feeling of victory when you’re done is amazing. And good food eaten on a sofa is the perfect reward. 🙂

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