Weekly Recap: September 19th-25th, 2016


  • 20 minutes easy running
  • 20 minutes on the stationary bike
  • About 10 minutes of body weight exercise

I was supposed to do a 40 minute easy run on Monday, but I accidentally dressed too warm and was dying, so I did 20 then finished on the stationary bike.


  • 1.2 mile run

I was supposed to do long intervals on Tuesday, but it would appear that I am getting sick. I attempted to do the  workout, but obviously I didn’t get far…


  • Rest Day

Much needed! Felt sick and gross and I didn’t feel like doing anything so I didn’t.


  • Easy 30 minutes 
  • 5 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes of body weight exercises

Thursday’s run went pretty well! I had to walk quite a bit to hack gunk out of my lungs then catch my breath, but other than that I felt pretty good! 


  • 3 easy miles
  • 5 minutes of stretching 
  • Yard work

Meh. This run was kinda bad…but later that evening I finally harvested my leeks! Now I just need to dig up my carrots and most of the garden will be done. 


I made a terrible mistake after this run. I sat down hahaha. After that all bets were off, I didn’t do anything the rest of the day. Oh well, I’m just glad I finally got a long run in after 3 weeks of dealing with my shin issue (which is completely gone! πŸ˜„) and my toe injury (which is still kinda purple and swollen, but it doesn’t hurt anymore and I can walk and run normally). 


  • Rest Day

It’s chili day!! The first day it’s cold enough to make chili is basically a holiday at our house. Today is supposed to be cooler and rainy all day. Perfect chili weather! So today Luke is making sweet potato chili for dinner, and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. πŸ˜‹

Totally weekly milage: 15.95

Not bad all things considered. Finally feel like I’m training again. πŸ˜„


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