Rest Day Ramblings

I had the worst run in the history of running yesterday…Ok, that may be a bit of an over exaggeration, but it was pretty awful. That is the worst part about having to take time off. Once you come back and start running again, it’s super tough!

Yesterday my legs were tired even though I’d only run a mile on Monday and then another mile on Tuesday (what the hell legs?! You’ve been half marathon training and after only a week off you can’t handle two miles on two different days!?!?!?).  So that was kinda frustrating. Plus my toe is still feeling a little weird so my brain kept telling my right foot to heal strike which royally fucked up my form, especially since I was still landing normally on my left foot. Ugh and don’t even get me started on my issues with a little up hill running (apparently I’ve just lost all of my cardio vascular fitness)…I know one bad run doesn’t really mean much and I haven’t lost all of my fitness, but jeez it can sure feel that way sometimes.

After much disappointment yesterday a rest day was very necessary. More so for my mind than anything, I think. I mean, physically I feel pretty good today, my legs even feel better today. But I thought it would be best to take a little breather and let my mind calm down a bit. So today I did a bunch of cleaning, reading, and a bit of gardening and yoga.

I had to pick my watermelon this morning. I was hoping it would be bigger, but it’s just not growing anymore. It is, however, perfectly ripe and super tasty! Plus it’s the first watermelon I’ve successfully grown, so I’ll take that as a win. Also, Lily definitely approves. 😄


In the afternoon I did a bit of yoga for my IT bands. All the limping I did last week made my left leg have to compensate while my toe was hurt. So now my left I band is kinda tight. Totally understandable, but since I had issues with this IT band last year I figure I need to make a conscious effort to keep it happy and healthy. What I really need to do is work on keeping my whole body strong and conditioned, but strength training is boring and I hate it. Haha that’s literally the worst excuse ever, but oh well. 😜

The rest of my afternoon was pretty boring, but my evening got much more exciting when I carved a pumpkin! I don’t care if it’s the middle of September and still 80 degrees outside. I’m ready for fall and spooky stuff!!  And pumpkin seeds are delicious and nutritious, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get pumpkin seeds and a jack o lantern? 😉

Mmmm pumpkin seeds sooooo good when they’re roasting in the oven. Mine turned out super yummy. Now if only fall would hurry up and get here! Haha but I guess since I’m in this deep I might as well get my fall sented candles out. 

So I guess I’m gonna do just that and help Luke can some more tomatos. Happy Friday eve! 

~Ashley 🍂🍃🎃


4 thoughts on “ Rest Day Ramblings

  1. Tammi Lewis

    Your run is my fear! I think that’s why I was trying to push myself to run (major fail) the other day. But I’ve given in and learned of have to honor my body and let it heal. Today I took off. And the rest of the week I’ll be walking, I’m not liking it but this is where I am right now…so it goes….best to your recovery.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      That is a fantastic skill to have! Haha I’m terrible at listening to my body and tend to push when I shouldn’t and take days off when I should have pushed a little harder. I hope you heal quickly!!

      Liked by 1 person


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