Toe Update

There are no gross pictures in this post. My toe is officially too nasty looking to share hahah.

Anyway, my toenail came off yesterday evening. Well, I may or may not have helped it a long a bit. πŸ˜‰ There was quite a bit of blood under the nail and as predicted my whole toe felt sooo much better once all that was gone and the nail was off. I suppose all that blood really was creating a bunch of pressure in my toe. But either way,the swelling in my toe is almost completely gone as of this morning, as is a lot of the bruising, and I can actually put some weight on it now!

It’s still a little sore though, and now that my nail bed is exposed and kinda raw and bloody I’m still not going to be running for a few more days, but maybe by Sunday or Monday I’ll be able to get in a few miles. πŸ™‚

Luckily for Luke, he wasn’t here for the actual nail removal process, so he missed out on all the gore and nastiness. I did, however, give him a play by play of everything that went down via text. I’m sure he appreciated that. πŸ˜‰ On his way home from work he stopped by the store and picked me up somethings he thought I might need. Some first aid stuff that I definitely needed, flip flops because “since you’re obviously not going to stay off of it, I thought you might like some flip flops since you can’t wear tennis shoes properly”, and cheese filled pretzels because who doesn’t need those in their life? He’s the best!

Welp, now that I can walk pretty normally and have a pair of shoes that I can wear properly, I’m thinking I need to take one of the dogs for a short walk.

Here’s hoping I’ll be running again soon!

~ Ashley



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