Well crap. 

It would appear that my shin splints have made a reappearance. My freaking left shin hurt so bad today that I had to cut my long run short. I only made it two miles and by then I was basically limping along, so I knew I needed to stop.

My shoes are still good plus I just got a new pair yesterday so I can start rotating pairs again. I haven’t done a crazy increase in milage or intensity lately. So I took to the internet and found that cambered roads can cause shin splints. Makes sense, as I’ve already had IT band issues in my left leg thanks to the freaking cambered roads…

I’m starting to think running around my neighborhood all of the time isn’t an option for me anymore. Back when I ran exclusively on a paved trail I hardly ever got hurt. Cambered roads are literally going to be the death of me.  ☹️

I guess I’m going to pout a little, then spend the day icing/stretching/foam rolling my leg. Aaaand I suppose I’ll have to take some time off from running. Ewww. 


11 thoughts on “Well crap. 

  1. TrekkieLianne

    The more years I run, the more I see the benefit of regularly changing out shoe styles and “road styles” and all kinds of stuff on a rotating basis. I figured it was my old rickety body because I didn’t start running until I was 52, but it’s probably a good idea for anyone who wants to do a lot of miles and not get injured. Gosh it’s a lot of work and mindfulness, isn’t it? But worth it.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I totally get what you’re saying! Keeping up with my shoes is something I’ve been pretty good at, but I never vary the surface I run on and that’s totally my problem right now…


    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I’ve been wearing my compression socks, but unfortunately that hasn’t exactly solved my problem…Running in my neighborhood is super convenient! Especially since my husband and I only have one car. On the weekends I run on a really nice paved trail but that’s 30 minutes away. Idk, I guess I’ll have to figure something else out.

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