The Adventures of Half Marathon Training: Day 32

I had lots of fun in Colorado with my dad (Colorado Adventures Part 1 and Part 2) but it’s good to be back home and back in my usual routine!

So today my scheduled called for a easy 30 minute run, which I did. Sorta…I should have tried a little harder to avoid the bigger hills in my neighborhood, or at the very least I should have run down “The Big Hill” instead of up it. Haha running up it almost defeats the point of an easy run, but whatever. 😁

The weather has been pretty decent recently! It’s still super humid (that’s the Midwest for you) but it’s been in the low to mid 70’s in the morning which is nice. Hopefully that means I won’t have anymore 5 am wake up calls, but we still have the rest of August and part of September to get through before I can safely say I’m done with those. Aaaaand we have a chance for thunderstorms everyday until next Wednesday and that makes me super happy.

Since it’s been cooler out I’ve taken Dean out with me a couple of times. He’s just as excited about that as I am! He’s definitely missed running with me. Dean does pretty well on the leash for the most part. I mean, he’s a border collie and naturally wants to work farther away from me so he still pulls a little bit (even with a no pull harness). But he is super good at ignoring distractions, behaves well around cars, has an impressive “leave it” command, and sits without being told (usually) if we have to stop for whatever reason.

Since he’s got all that down I’m trying to teach him directional commands so he doesn’t have to look at me when we come to cross streets. He runs into me every single time he does that and it kinda gets old after a while. So I’m going to teach him “left” and “right”. Today I learned that he know which way to go if you point (Lily is really good at that, but I didn’t realize he had picked up on that as well), so now all I have to do is put a command to it and hopefully soon all I’ll have to do is tell him which way to go and that should take care of our little problem! 🙂

That’s something Dean and I need to work on. One thing I need to work on for myself is actually eating breakfast before my runs. I’ve gotten really lazy about that lately and it’s not doing me any good. If I don’t eat beforehand my stomach usually starts to hurt and I definitely don’t have as much energy. Eating before hand just takes so much more time and effort hahaha, but seriously I really need to do it…Eating afterward isn’t a problem for me, though! I’m shoving a bacon and egg sandwich into my face as I type this!

Welp, I suppose I’ve procrastinated enough. I need to take Lily for a quick walk, put 30 minutes in on the stationary bike (ewww), and then do some yoga (not so ewww).

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

~ Ashley



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