Colorado Adventures Part 2

So I’m a day or two late with this one, but whatever. 😉

Friday was another not so extincting day in Colorado. My dad had to go on this trip for work and I figured I’d be spending a lot of time in the motel room so it was no big deal. He’d been running on 4-5 hours of sleep a day, so he used Friday to kinda catch on on sleep. I spend most of the day watching video’s of Green Day concerts on YouTube. That kept me entertained for a while.

Before my dad had to go to work we went for a short walk through the town we were staying in. Not as exciting as walking on a nature trail or through the mountains, but it was still fun. Haha I was looking for pokestops and I found one at an ice cream shop. They even had a pikachu painted in their window. 🙂


Now Saturday was super exciting!! We left our motel for good around 6:30 in the morning (mountain time) and drove 2 hours south to Pikes Peak. I’ve never been before, but my dad has and he said I was going to love it, so I was super stoked!! Pikes Peak isn’t the tallest mountain in the US, but I do believe its the tallest one you can drive up.


Pikes Peak as seen from the road.

It takes about an hour to drive the 20 miles to the top and let me tell you, it’s a gorgeous drive! We spend a majority of it looking for critters. Specifically, bears and elk. I mean, we figured we wouldn’t see any of those from the road, but you never know! Haha we didn’t see any bear or elk, but we did see a few mule deer and a bunch of chipmunks and marmots.


The view from the summit was also crazy beautiful! Trying to breath at 14,115′ of elevation is quite difficult, so you might even say it was literally breath taking. 😉 The highest gift shop in America is at the summit, so of course we had to go in and get souvenirs. My dad got me a t-shirt and a pretty spiffy bumper sticker. Haha I’m not sure how Luke is going to feel about our car being covered in bumper stickers, but it’s definitely going to happen.



We were only supposed to stay at the summit for 25 minutes because the 61st pikes peak half marathon (it was actually 13.32 miles) was going on that day! We didn’t see any runners on our drive up, I guess they were running up some trails that we couldn’t see from the road, but at the top we saw the finish line and a piss ton of runners. My dad and I talked to a few of them and took some pictures of some of them with the Pikes Peak sign since selfies aren’t as fun in this case. From that point on, my dad told every runner he saw that they were crazy. And I agree. And one day I also want to run 13.32 miles up Pikes Peak.


With a view like this at the finish line, I can only imagine how beautiful the whole course was!

After getting some pictures and looking at the gift shop at the summit, my dad decided he wanted to hike up to the very top of a rock formation and build one of those rock towers at the very top. So that’s exactly what we did. Climbing to the top was kinda hard for a couple of flatlanders like ourselves. We had to take a few breaks but we eventually made it. On my way back down I slipped on loose gravel, slid down a few feet, and ripped some holes in my pants. Go me! 😉

After Pikes Peak we drove around Garden of the Gods for a little bit. We didn’t get out of the car to really look at anything though, as we really needed to begin our journey home, which we did right after leaving the park. After my dad got to a nice rural, low traffic, area (I don’t like driving through big busy cities), we switched seats and I drove for 4 and a half hours. Then when we stopped for gas we switched again and he drove the rest of the way to my house where Luke had a huuuge batch of amazing chili waiting for us! That was pretty amazing after eating mostly cold meals in the motel room!

Anyway, we got to my house a few minutes after midnight (central time), ate our chili and then went to bed! In the morning my dad left to drive the 4 hours to his house in Illinois, I started getting my house back in order, and I guess that’s the end of our adventures. For now. My dad wants me to go back with him at some point because we had a lot of fun together!

Now that my tale is told I need to go run! It’s getting to be close to 9 am here in Kansas and while it’s not quite 70 degrees yet, the sun is out and I need to get shit done before the asphalt heats up!!

~ Ashley


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