Colorado Adventures Part 1

My dad came here for work, so I’ve been spending lot of time in our motel room, but we’ve still managed to get some adventuring in so far!

On Monday we did a lot of driving around. My dad wanted to find the FedEx terminal he was working at this week (which we did), then he opened up a PO box and a bank account since he and my mom are gradually going to be moving here over the next year or so. In between all the grown up chores whe drove through a few towns and just looked around a bit. 

While we were out we saw a crazy huge fire! We’re not entirely sure what caused it (we saw some fuel tanks on google maps, so my dad thinks something happened with them) but a huge field was just covered in flames. We never did find out what happened, but we drove past it again and most of the fire seemed like it was put it, so that was good. 

We couldn’t stay out too long though, my dad needed to get some sleep before he went to work at 5 pm, so while he did that I did a bit of running. My schedule called for an easy 40 minute run, but I only made it 30. I can never seem to make it longer than that on a treadmill. I get bored, my stride gets all fuck up, the elevation change was starting to get to me, and I to wear out my shoes out really bad on the treadmill (so I spent most of this run in my socks πŸ˜‰). 

As you can see, my garmin didn’t want to cooperate and this treadmill sucks, so I have no idea how far I went, but oh well. 

Tuesday was a little more exciting. After my dad got back from working all night, we went for a 3 ish mile walk on a nice paved trail we found. It wasn’t breath taking or anything, but the views were still pretty. After that it was back to the motel so my dad could sleep before leaving for work at 5pm. 

While he was sleeping I did some more running. I attempted to do a little bit of a speed workout since I was feeling a little better about being almost 5,000′ above sea level. It wasn’t anything super structured or fancy. I’ll talk more about that in my weely recap on Sunday, if you’re at all interested in hearing how that went. πŸ˜„

Wednesday was when things got really fun! After my dad got back from work we googled neat places to go. He didn’t want to drive to far since he needed to sleep, but we ended up driving 45 minutes (which was a little farther than he wanted to go) to Lory State Park. 

We didn’t get to spend much time there, but every minute we spent there was amazing! We climbed up a small mountain (it was really more of a hill), saw some deer, a few lizards, and a bunch of cacti. We both got super scraped up because we kinda went of the beaten path, but the views were so totally worth it! 

This is basically what we walked through (although some of the bushes were as tall as we are). Lots of cacti and other pokey stuff.

Ontop on the little ledge we climbed up to. My dad actually climed up the side of this, I kinda hiked around to it.

Haha my dad said we had to take a selfie. That made me giggle.

You can kinda see how scratched up I got.

I found a neat rock. Now i’ve offically stolen from the Grand Canyon National Park and the Lory State Park. πŸ˜‰

On our way back we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some provisions. For the most part we’ve been eating really well, which is pretty impressive for being away from home, I think. Well, we haven’t been eating all that great for breakfast (cinnamon rolls and waffles, anyone?), but whatever. Haha once we got back to the motel we broke a few rules and cooked steak on a single burner my dad brought (I definitely get my rebellious side from him 😁). That was a nice little treat. 

After we ate my dad had to got to bed, so I actually started writing this post while I waited for my lunch to digest. I needed to run again, but after all that protein I had to wait for a while. It took about 2 hours before I felt my stomach could handle some easy running, which is exactly what I did. 30 minutes of it to be exact. Just what my schedule called for. πŸ˜„ 

Now it’s Thursday and I guess working all night and adventuring with me in the morning has finally caught up with my dad. He got back to the motel at 6 am and went straight to bed. He plans on sleeping all day so I guess I’m going to be stuck here all day as well. 

That’s not a huge deal. Thursday’s are usually rest days for me anyway and a day spent doing nothing is actually probably a good idea, as I usually do a lot of walking on my rest days. It’s just going to be kinda boring…I suppose I could go walk around a bit, but I’m terrified of getting lost and there’s really nowhere near by for me to go anyway. Oh well, I have my phone and a couple of books so I’ll be able to keep myself entertained for the most part. 

I’m just glad that I’ve been able to spend some time here. I’ve been through Colorado twice when Luke, two of his brothers, and me drove to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, but we didn’t get to do any adventuring here. So at least I’ve been able to do just that this time around. And maybe tomorrow we’ll get to do some more fun stuff! πŸ˜„

I feel like I’ve used some variation of the word “adventure” at least 8 million times in this post, but life is an adventure, so it’s fitting! 

Wishing you lots of fun adventures in life, 

~ Ashley πŸŒ΅πŸŒΎπŸ˜„


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