The Sunflower State and Colorful Colorado 

My dad and I have done a bunch of adventuring today! I’m probably not going to remember everything, but I’m going to do my best. 

We left my house at around 5:30 this morning. We were only on the road for about 2 hours before we made our first detour. Last time my dad drove through Kansas he found a museum that had a bunch of tanks, plans, jeeps, ect. So we stopped there and looks at everything for a while. That was pretty neat. 😁

After we had been back on the road for a while we started seeing billboards for a Wizard of Oz museum. My dad wanted to see if the had a yellow brick road, so we went and found it. They didn’t have a yellow brick road, but the restaurant next door was called Toto’s Tacos and it had a yellow brick burrito, so that’s close enough, right?  😉

It was like, 10:30 when we saw this restaurant so we didn’t eat there. I just thought it was amusing. 

Not long after that we ended up at the Dwight Eisenhower museum. We spent 2 freaking hours there! Haha but it was a lot of fun. 

After that little detour we pretty much stayed on the road until we got to Colorado. Once we got there we had to take pictures by the welcom sign and then pick up a map at the travel center. 

After that we stopped at a grocery store and got some salad fixings. Then we went to some county fair grounds and ate dinner.

After that we didn’t make any more pit stops. We finally got to the hotel around midnight (well it was 11 local time) and now we’re off to bed! 


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