HMT Day 20 and Olymic Track and Field

I finally got over my pity party and got out there and did my scheduled workout! Mostly because it was rainy when I got up and I was hoping to get rained on. I didn’t unfortunately and it was crazy humid, but that was the push I needed to get out the door. 

Today was another hill workout and of course it’s the day before my long run. Like I’ve said before, I understand why its scheduled that way, but that still doesn’t make it fun…

So today’s workout was a 10 minute warm up jog, 6 minutes of running *mostly* up hill, 1 minute running down hill, and 1 minute walking, repeated 2 more times. 

Things went painfully slow for me today, but the humidity was absolutely KILLER! At least I had some cloud cover though that was nice. 😁

Like I said, things were slow and my splits were super unimpressive, but I’m just glad I got out there and got a workout done. 

Haha I stopped my watch during my last recovery interval because iI was dying and wanted to stop.

Anway, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Well it’s the day I’ve been waiting for, at least. Olymic track and field events started today! Yay!! 

I haven’t been following the professional side of running for very long, but there are a few people I am excited to watch! 

I was super stoked to watch Molly Huddle run the 10,000 meters today! She ran a great race! She ended up beating the American record by 10 seconds. How awesome is that?!

And holy cow! The Kenyan and Ethiopian runners are absolutely amazing!! Their strides looks so strong and fluid! They were beautiful to watch. The Ethiopian runner, Ayana, ended up winning the race and beating the world record by 14 seconds. It was incredible to watch! 

I’m especially excited about the women’s marathon. I’m a big fan of Shalane Flanagan, so I’m excited to see how she does on Sunday! 

Now men’s water polo is on and I’m not gonna lie, I’m not all that excited about that, so I guess now would be a good time to do some ab and arm work and then some much needed stretching. 

Until next time!

~ Ashley 


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