Friday Fives: Running Memes

Let’s start off this Friday with some of my favorite running memes, shall we? Haha I’m an avid Pinterest user so picking just five was kind of difficult. 😁

1. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.” Bill Bowerman

Haha I’m definitely guilty of running in the worst weather. Thunder? Lighting? Snow? Ice? None of that’s gonna stop me from running! 😉

2. My neighbors definitely think I’m crazy…

I’m also very guilt of this.

3. I’m so freaking majestic and definitely don’t feel like I’m dying

You’ve all seen my photo from mile 11 at the Longview half last year right? Haha I didn’t accomplish majestic, it was more like “I’m a total dork”.

4. Slow runners make fast runners look better

You’re welcome.

5. Basketball is hard

And so is softball, and volleyball, and pretty much every other ball sport. That’s why we picked up running in the first place. 😉

Like I said before, I got all of these from Pinterest so unfortunately it’s hard to sorce stuff from there… But anyway, you should totally follow me on Pinterest so I can follow you! Everyone I follow has been super inactive and that’s just no fun.

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