Half Marathon Training Day 7 and Everyday Adventures

A word to the wise; never EVER drink a whole medium Oreo chocolate milkshake from Sonic the night before a long run. Seriously, I’m speaking from experience here. DON’T DO IT. 

So yeah, things didn’t exactly go well for me. Mostly because of the milkshake (hey, we ordered smalls!! They were the ones who gave us mediums and of course I had to eat the whole thing. 🙄😉). 

Pre long run ritual; breakfast (not pictured), coffee, and some quick reading.

Today was my first long run of half marathon training. It was just supposed to be an hour of easy running (I can usually accomplish a little over 4 miles in that amount of time), but I couldn’t go that long. 

My stomach was already unhappy about the amount of sugar I had ingested the night before, and running in the heat definitely didn’t help that situation. Plus I felt really weighed down and gross. 

Combine that with hills, humidity, and asthma, and I just ended up having a really shitty time. I spent 40 minutes on the road and got 3 miles done then I called it quits and walked home. Haha I still ended up spending an hour moving, then we took the dogs to the park and walked around for a while, so at least there’s that. 😬

When we got home Luke picked a bunch of tomatoes and cucumbers and then he went on a canning/pickling spree.

He picked them a little early, but they ripen in the jar. 😃

Now we have 7 jars of sweet pickles in the fridge and 2 big ass jars of tomatoes. I think we’re doing good so far. 😁

Once the canning was done, Luke was still in a cooking mood so we headed to the store to pick up some ingredients. Luke decided he wanted to make a pieand I made some awesome meatballs. It made for a super tasty dinner. 

After dinner and a movie (finally got to watch Dead Pool! Loved it!!) we went out on a super long Pokemon hunt. We walked around for a little bit, played on a swing while running a lure, then hung out at a gym for half an hour and stole it back from someone who was trying to take it down. Twice. 😃😃😃

Aaaand that’s what we’re currently doing, and probably will be doing for a while, so peace out for now. ✌🏻️

~ Ashley


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