The Adventures of Half Marathon Training: Day 2

My second workout went a little better! I’m still kinda sluggish from all the junk food, but I’m working on that. Pre-run I had some of those Belvita breakfast biscuit things. They’re probably not the best, but my grandma gave me a box so I might as well eat them. My post run meal was a lot better; stir-fried veggies and a scrambled egg on a tortilla. Yum!


There are banana pepper and cherry tomatoes from our garden in there! Unfortunately we didn’t grow the onion.

My scheduled called for a 40 minute “steady” run for today, and well, I accomplished the 40 minute part. The humidity was at 90% and that was pretty awful so I walked up some hills. I need to actually run the hills, as the Longview course is super hilly, but hills + heat + humidity = no fun. Haha oh well, at least I’m making more of an effort to run again.ย Since that awful heat wave I haven’t been making much of an effort, but thank goodness that’s finally over!

Ok, so we need to take a second to talk about my new shorts! How super spiffy are they!?!? They look like 2 pairs pf shorts, but it’s actually only one and I thought that was super neat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They originally belonged to one of my sisters, but she didn’t like them so she gave them to my mom. Well they were too big on her so she gave them to me. They’re kinda big on me too, but they have a drawstring and they’re just so super spiffy that I had to take them.

Anyway, after I got my run done I spent about 20 minutes weeding in the garden and got covered head to toe in mosquito bites and grass clippings. I was going to do some ab work after that, but being super itchy and covered in grass made me desperately want a shower, so I did that instead. I’ll probably get around to some ab work and yoga later though.

Right now I’m going to re-apply for a few jobs and then clean the house. Fun fun fun!

Until next time,

~ Ashley ๐Ÿ™‚



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