The Adventures of Half Marathon Training: Day 1

According to my schedule, half marathon training started yesterday, but that was a rest day and that really doesn’t count. 😉

In super excited about this training cycle! It’s been a while since I’ve done 10 mile long runs and I had a lot of fun during those.

I plan on doing the Longview Half Marathon again. I absolutely loved it last year! The course was more difficult than I expected, but it was still a lot of fun! The volunteers were awesome, there was a quite a bit of crowed support (which I though was suprising because last year was only the second year the race was held), and the medals are pretty spiffy. Which is definitely a legit reason to do a race. 😁

Processed with Rookie Cam

My medal and then brand spankin’ new 13.1 sticker from last years race. See what I mean about spiffy medals? 😉

Anyway, I haven’t actually signed up for it yet. We can’t exactly afford it at the moment, but there’s still time. Plus it didn’t sell out last year, so I’m not exactly worried about it yet.

Unfortunately my first workout didn’t go well. I was supposed to do 35 minutes but I only made it 2 miles. We had some crazy thunderstorms come in early this morning, and the kept me awake for a while and made things crazy humid, which didn’t help my asthma situation.

Plus I ate a bunch of junk over the weekend and hardly drank enough water yesterday (when going on a 5 hour car ride, it’s best not to do it with a bladder that’s constantly refilling) and that always seems to get to me. I’m not worried about it though, today was supposed to be an easy day anyway, so cutting an easy run short just makes me an overachiever, right? 😉

Speaking of junk food, I ate pizza and rice crispy treats for lunch, so as of right now i’m still not doing so great with the fueling thing. That’s definitely something I’m going to be working on during this training plan. Last year I didn’t worry about it much but I know I should have. I know for a fact I’d be able to run better if I ate better. It’s just hard to do sometimes. I mean, it’s kinda hard to get excited about vegetables, but man is it easy to be excited about pizza!

Anyway, I’m kinda running behind on everything I wanted to do today, so I’m off to unpack our stuff and clean the house!

Happy Monday!

~ Ashley


9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Half Marathon Training: Day 1

  1. TrekkieLianne

    I’ve tried “eating like a runner” before and it’s too many carbs for me. I just get hungrier and gain weight because it brings out the carb junkie in me. Do you have a favorite sports drink or gel you use during long runs? I just started using Accel Gel and it’s disgustingly sweet but seems to work.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I actually do better with more carbs, as long as they’re healthier carbs that is. Too much fat and protein make me sick to my stomach.

      Honey stinger waffles are my all time favorite!!! They’re tasty and easy on the stomach. I also like jelly belly’s sport beans, specifically the kind with caffeine. It’s like eating candy with a nice energy boost! 🙂 I don’t like gels. I tried one and it tasted like gross cake frosting and I’m never going down that road again lol.

      As for sport drinks, I’ve slowly been getting myself used to Gatorade. I’ve never been a fan, but I get super bad headaches after I run in the summer and I read somewhere that can be from an electrolyte imbalance. So I’ve been taking a sip of Gatorade every 2 miles during most of my runs and then finishing the bottle when I’m done. That’s helped with the headaches, and I’m starting to not hate it as much. I still hate that nasty phlegm that builds up in the back of my throat when I drink it though…


    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      No problem!! Haha yeah, the gels do really work, but ewww they aren’t worth it to me! I’ll stick to tastier options. 😉


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