Weekly Recap: July 18th – 24th, 2016


  • Rest day

Well sorta…I spent quite a bit of time weeding the garden, the spent the rest of the day cleaning the house.


  • 1 easy mile
  • 20 minutes ( 5 miles on the stationary bike)

I was planning on doing more than a mile today, but I got up late, and it was hot, blah blah blah excuses. But at least I got a little bit of running done. Since 1 mile didn’t seem like enough I jumped on the stationary bike for 20 minutes afterwards.



  • Nike Training Club Workout

So far I think this is my favorite Nike workout. It was a lot of fun.


  • 2.5 Mile run

So the Nike workout may have been fun, but my abs and arms are super sore…Also, the heat completely drained me on Thursday. Stupid heat wave.


We drove to Illinios on Friday then spent 4-5ish hours walking around the STL zoo with Luke’s younger brothers. I know it’s not running, but it was still a workout! 😁


I had planned on getting up early to run on Saturday, but after our zoo adventure while running on 3 hours of sleep the day before, I should had figured I wouldn’t be able to. I accidentally slept in until 9 am. 

But I still did a lot of moving! First I went to a park with Luke and his brother and we had a lot of fun watching the sheep, goats, chickens, a llama, and alpaca (have you ever heard of a city park that keeps animals like that? I think it’s pretty neat!!). Then I walked around the same park with my sister and her boyfriend, then walked with my mom, then went to a birthday party, then went for a walk with my mom and dad. 


  • Rest day

Today is the first day of my half marathon training plan! I get to kick off this training cycle with a rest day haha. That’s probably a good thing though, as we’re spending 5 hours driving back home to Kansas today. πŸ˜„


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