The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 6

My parents came back from Colorado today! Thank goodness!! Niko is starting to get super testy, and to be quite honest with you, I’m tired of his attitude and can’t wait for him to leave…

On Wednesday (I think) he started a fight with Dean, nothing too bad, but still no good. Then yesterday he went after Lily and this time it was pretty bad. It all happened really fast, so I’m a little bit foggy on the details. I was handing out dog treats, which has been 100% fine every other day. But yesterday Niko decided that he wanted Lily’s treat too, so he freaking attacked her! Now, keep in mind that Lily is a 35 pound border collie. She’s bred to be fast and smart, not a fighter. Niko, on the other hand, weighs 90 pounds at 8 months old and his breed is bred to kill bears, among other things.

Lily’s tough though, she held her ground and fought back long enough for me to kick Niko off of her, pull him away (which put me in danger of being bit), then I smacked him on the face and rolled him on his back to force him to submit to me, as I was instructed by my dad if he ever started growling at me or Luke. In those few moments that it took me to get him to submit, he transformed from angry killing machine to pathetic puppy. He started whining and crying and you would have sworn I was beating him or something. I threw him outside because I didn’t want to attempt to wrestle him to the crate but I needed to get him away from the other dogs to check on Lily.

Luckily she’s not hurt too bad. Especially for Niko. If he would have severely hurt, or killed her, I would have killed him. I’m not kidding. Lily is my baby. Anyway, she has a small, but deep puncture wound on her leg. Deep enough to see the muscle underneath, but not big enough to need stitches (vets don’t usually stitch dog/cat bites anyway). Lily trusts me and listens well enough that I was able to make her hold still while I cut her hair around the wound, cleaned it, then put antibiotic ointment on it. She’s still kinda limping around today, but other than that she’s fine.

Like I said before, Lily’s tough. She’s a farm dog, bred, born, and raised, so she ought to be haha. She’s been hit by a car and suffered worse wounds and a broken hip from that, and has been trampled by a herd of stampeding cows and got right back up and kept herding. She may only weigh 35 pounds, but it’s 35 pounds of pure muscle and grit.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Unfortunately for Niko, Lily holds grudges. You cross her once and she’ll never forget it (just ask my brother-in-laws dog Odin, she basically kicked them out of the pack). So every time he gets near her she starts growling, so he starts growling, and you can just feel the tension…So as you can imagine, today has been fun for me. Refereeing dogs and what not. I’m so glad my mom and dad are here to get him under control and that he’s leaving tomorrow. And I’ve made it very clear that he’s not staying here again. He’s been behaving up until yesterday, but it only takes one time for something really bad and irrevocable to happen.

Anyway, Niko was super excited to see them. After we ate dinner we walked around the neighborhood. Haha we even got my mom playing Pokemon go. 😊 Aaaand my dad was catching them with his bare hands.

So we’ve had fun so far tonight! I think we’re going to play a board game now!

Peace out! ✌🏻️



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