The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 5

As of today we’re officially watching two dogs! 

Haha luckily the second dog is our neighbor’s beagle, and she’s an awesome dog! Luke and I absolutely love her. 

She’s pretty much an outside dog so she’ll probably just stay in her yard most of the time, out neighbor just wants us to make sure she has food, water, and is doing ok, but we’ll probably end up with her in our yard at some point just to hang out with us. Like I said, we love this dog. 😁

Anyway, today is either going to be a rest day or an easy cross training day. I haven’t decided yet. Luckily Niko slept through the night so I’m not lacking any sleep today. I guess that means I should put in some time on the stationary bike. Especially since today is mine and Luke’s 4th wedding anniversary and I’m pretty sure we’re going out to eat tonight.  πŸ˜„

But for now I’ve got a house to attempt to clean and dogs to walk. 

I hope you have a happy Thursday!

~ Ashley


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