The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 4

Niko woke up at 4:30 this morning. Awesome…If I had the proper equipment I probably would have gone for a run, but I don’t. I’m totally lacking in reflective gear and any sort of lights. 

So instead I let Niko outside for a while and then we both went back to bed haha. 

That actually ended up working really well for me! I started my run around 8:15ish, which is crazy late for me in the summer! I decided to do 3 miles of hills. Probably not the best idea (or maybe it was!) since my legs are CRAZY sore from yesterday’s workout. 

I made the mistake of running past the house a few times. I left Niko and Dean in the backyard and every time I did Niko was just crying by the fence. I think he has separation anxiety…

But anyway, I actually ended up negative splitting this run! Which is crazy considering it was hot, hilly, and I was sore, but I’m super proud of myself! 😄

I didn’t get to take the dogs on their morning walks. We had some thunderstorms roll in and it ended up raining for a while. Plus Lily is terrified of thunder, so…

Everyone’s been getting along though. I think Niko and Dean have actually become friends!! Haha at 8 months old Niko already makes Dean look itty bitty. 

Anyway, after Luke got home and ate dinner we went on another Pokemon adventure. And of course we brought Niko. I mean, we want him to sleep tonight. 😉

We walked around for about an hour and a half and I took over two gyms!!! I lost the first one right away, but as of right now I’m still in the second one. 😬😬😬

So I had a great day, and I hope you did too. 

~ Ashley 

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