The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 2

Oh man, I did not want to get up this morning! But Niko had to go pee at 6 am, so I let him out for an hour and went back to bed. At 7 he started barking at the door so I let him back in and we both went back to bed for 40 minutes haha. At least he slept through the night though. I probably would have died if we had a repeat of yesterday.

Anyway, I did finally get up and ate a quick snack with a cup of coffee, and then I hit the road for a short easy run! I probably would have gone a little longer if I would have gotten up earlier and out before it was too hot. Plus I had Odin, Dean, and Niko in the backyard and it was getting to hot out for them as well.


My run went pretty well, considering it was 80 degrees and sunny out haha. My foot was a tad bit sore initially, but after a few minutes it started feeling better. πŸ˜„

After my run I drank some water, swapped my shoes, and started walking dogs. I took Niko out first because I wanted him nice and worn out before I tried shoving him into the crate. That totally worked too! Haha I just didn’t want him wandering freely around the house while I wasn’t there. Then I took Lily out and we went quite a bit further, and she got treats from the really nice Meals on Wheels guy who drives around our town.

I wanted to take Dean out too, but I was getting too hot and tired, and I needed a snack. So, I made the best thing in the world! It was a banana with peanut butter, chocolate, and a marshmallow, microwaved for 30 seconds so it all melted. It. Was. AMAZING!!


 Our afternoon was pretty uneventful. I think Niko is still kinda worn out from yesterday, because he did a lot of sleeping haha. But it’s good that things were uneventful, that means everyone was getting along and no one was causing trouble. 

Around 8 pm we took Niko out for another hour long walk while Luke and I looked for more Pokemon. Haha we ended up getting into a guy we just met’s truck and driving to another part of town just to battle a gym together. I guess you kinda forget all of the stranger danger rules when it comes to Pokemon. πŸ˜‰

 Anyway, everyone else is asleep and I should be too, so good night! πŸ˜„



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