Tuesday Things

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

How was your holiday weekend? Mine was pretty interesting. Interesting, but good. (You can read more about it here and here).

I pretty much lived off of junk food over the weekend and I’m totally feeling it now…Saturday was kinda justified though, when you’re  spending the day helping people move you take what you can get. Especially if they’re paying.

Plus my calorie burn was pretty crazy after running 7.5 miles then being on my feet all day. So you know, I feel like I earned a day of shitty eating.

On Sunday I was just being lazy. I didn’t feel like making food so I ate leftovers from the night before (a greasy, bacon filled grilled cheese sandwich and fries) along with coffee and a bunch of creamer and sugar for breakfast, an icee and M&M’s for lunch, cereal for a snack, and then jelly beans, a few hotdogs, a bratwurst, and a milkshake for dinner.

As for Monday, I definitely ate better. Dinner wasn’t great, but you gotta eat parking lot burgers on the 4th of July. 😉🇺🇸

Don’t even get me started on my water intake…


My poor plant

But enough about the past, lets start talking about the future! 😉

I’m taking a few days off of running. Maybe even the rest of the week.

Saturday during my run, my foot started to hurt a little again. I honestly don’t think it’s anything too bad, I just tweaked it a bit last week. But I just want to play it safe. Especially  after all of the injuries and whatnot I was dealing with over the winter.

Plus half marathon training starts later this month (the 24th!!!) and I want to go into that healthy and niggle free!

That should give me some time to focus more on strength training, which as always, I’m horribly lacking at.

I wish I could say I was going into half marathon training feeling strong, but I’m definitely not. Obviously I still have time to work on that. I just need to make it a bigger priority.

So that’s what’s currently on my mind! How are you on this lovely Tuesday? Do you have any upcoming races?? I’d love to hear about it!

Now then, house needs cleaned, the dogs need walked, and there’s Pilates and yoga that need done. But first, that second cup of coffee is calling my name!


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