Frozen AC, Pickles, Rainy Run, and Being Pro Movers.Β 

Luke was one busy bee last night. I just kinda got him stuff when he needed it. 😁

For the past couple of days our air conditioner hasn’t been able to keep the house cool and it’s been getting a little worse every day. Yesterday it was set to keep the house at 73 degrees but by 2 pm it was 77 degrees in the house. 

Obviously that not a good thing. Especially since that means the air had been running all day. So Luke embarked on a mission to figure out what was wrong. 

Turns out that our air conditioner was frozen. So we had to turn off the air and let the ice melt, which didn’t take long luckily. Then we had to dry up all the water. So at least that was and easy fix and everything is working now. 

While waiting for the ice to melt, Luke decided to make pickles with the cucumbers I picked out of the garden.

Making pickles is fun, and they’re super tasty, but oh man, the whole house smells like vinegar for a few days afterwards.  

After that he fixed the dishwasher. Haha it kinda feels like everything is falling apart…But that’s working again as well.

Then we spent the rest of the night playing Pokemon, with his little brother who lives in Ilinois. Isn’t the Internet awesome?!  

We’ve both been busy bees today too! 

I was up at 5:45 am to get my run done. Ugh, I’m tired of waking up so early…I’m a morning person, but not that much of a morning person. Waking up a 7 am seems to be perfect for me…

Anyway, it was raining when I got up, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that shitty wheather is my favorite! 

Originally Luke was going to drive me to the trail, but I feel bad waking him up early on his off days. Plus riding in the car soaking wet for the 30 minute drive home didn’t sound fun. So I set out to run around the neighborhood at around 6:40 am. 

By then it was even thundering a little bit. Not exactly the safest time to run, but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really care.

Got 7.5 miles done. I had planned on 8, but my mile 5 I was completely soaked and by mile 6 my shoes were waterlogged and super heavy, I just didn’t have that last .5 mile in me. I’m ok with that though. I still did pretty well and ended up with 


The best thing about running around my neighborhood, is the ablility to stop back home if I need to. I like to leave my water bottle on the porch so I don’t have to carry anything with me, I can just run back to my house if I need it. Probably not the most efficient way to get things done, but it works! 

The only downside is that it can get super boring. I’ve only lived here for a year, but I know my neighborhood like the back of my hand. I know where all the potholes are, I know what cars belong at what houses, I know where all the dogs live and if they’re friendly or not, I’m also figuring out where the cats live, but that takes a little longer since they can actually roam a bit. 

Anyway, after I finished my run, I had just enough time to shower before we left to helped a couple who we’re friends with move. 

First we moved stuff from the woman’s cousin’s house to their new town house. That took a few hours between loading/unloading the Uhal and driving, but with 4 of us we managed well. 

After that was taken care of they took us to fazzoli’s for lunch and man did we need it! I had a very light breakfast before I ran and a quick snack after but that was it up until that point, so I felt like I was going to die, and everyone else was in pretty rough shape too. I managed to impress everyone by downing a whole order of baked spaghetti and 5 bread sticks. 😁

We all felt a lot better after eating though, which was good because there was still stuff at their old duplex that needed packed up and moved to their town house. Luckily there was less there and my brother-in-law joined us, so this time around went a bit faster. 

All the fun moving festivities lasted from 10 am until 8 pm. Good times.

They took us out to eat again to a place called Llywelyn’s. I got an “adult grilled cheese”. It was a triple decker sandwich with 4 different cheeses, bacon, and apple slices. Super yummy!!

We finally got home around midnight (just as I’m finishing writing this), and I’m exausted! 

Good night!


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