Lacking Hydration Motivation

Have you ever gone through a period of time when you just didn’t feel like drinking anything? Like, anything at all. Water, tea, juice, ect, it’s just all unappealing. I still feel thirsty, but I just don’t want to drink anything. It’s weird…

It usually happens to me in the winter. I mean, drinking cold liquids kinda loses its appeal when it’s freezing outside, but for whatever reason that’s what I’ve currently got going on. 

Over the weekend I got really lazy about it and hardly drank anything. My poor Plant Nanny plants are suffering because of this whole ordeal. Well, I suppose I am too. I actually think that part of the reason I was unable to get very far during my run on Saturday. Being dehydrated, especially during the summer, and trying to run is just a bad idea…

Since I didn’t want  a repeat of that, I forced myself to drink an adequate amount of water yesterday and I’m glad I did! I didn’t have the best run ever. I had to walk up some hills because humidity/hills/asthma isn’t exactly a good combination, but I felt pretty good for the most part. 

Moral of the story; stay hydrated out there! 


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