Home Sweet Home

We got a lot squeezed into one weekend! We hung out with my family, celebrated my dads 50th birthday/Father’s Day, visited with my grandmas and Luke’s grandma and aunt and uncle, and had Sunday dinner with Luke’s Dad’s whole side of the family.

My dad’s birthday cake. Haha I never once in my life thought that I’d ice a Barbies boobs, but here we are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whew! Told you it was a lot! And that’s just the list of people we saw.

I spent a lot of time outside, which was nice, but hot…I walked around my grandma’s property a lot. Since she’s selling her farm I wanted to start saying my goodbyes I guess.

Luke and I did a bit of target practice which was fun! We haven’t been able to shoot for a while since we don’t exactly have anywhere to do it. I’m Im glad to say that even though it’s been a while, I’m not rusty at all!

I brought running gear, but I didn’t get any running done. Hanging out with people and walking around the farm just seemed more important. My mom and I went for a few walks down the road with the dogs, though.

Oh man, we had fun, but it’s soooooo good to be home! We got in at about 7 pm last night after a 5 hour drive, that actually felt like 15. I swear that drive gets longer and longer every time we make it.

I think all of the outside activities in the heat really wore me down (the heat usually does). I was exhausted last night, and even after a relatively good nights sleep I’m still crazy tired.

I’m thinking I’m gonna skip running today. That pretty much means I’m giving up on upping my milage this week, but I think a rest day is more beneficial than trying to run, realizing it’s not going well, then cutting the run short, and being disappointed.

Happy Monday!!

~ Ashley


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