Long Run Monday?? Sorta. Plus Weekend Travel Plans. 

Skipping my long run on Saturday actually ended up working out quite nicely. First and foremost, I was tired, rundown, and needed the day off. Secondly, we’re driving to Oklahoma this weekend to visit some family and a long run is probably  not be practical. 

I mean, if we were visiting my family it would be. My mom and dad kinda get it hahaha, and one of my sisters is a runner too, so she totally understands. But I’m not sure Luke’s family would be all that happy if I were to spend all that time preparing, running, then recovering from a 6ish mile run. Runners are weird and I don’t think they’ve really had a chance to deal with that weirdness before and I don’t want to have to be the one to subject them to it. 

Anyway, that means I did my long run today!! Well, that was the plan at least. A few minutes in I already new I was going to have a terrible time. So I decided I was only going to do 5 miles, instead of my planned 6. At mile 2  1 was exausted and super hot, so I turned around and decided 4 was probably the most that was going to happen. And it was. I wish I could say I ran the whole time, but I did a lot of walking…Summer just isn’t a good time for me.

Not a fan of gatorade, but it makes the “oh my gosh I’m gonna die” feeling go away.

The fun doesn’t stop there though! Once I got back my husband started mowing and I started weeding the potatoes, which totally counts as strength training! Some of those weeds were in there good!

After all of that fun I was starving, so I ate lunch then proceeded to do a bit of cleaning around the house. Nothing too crazy, mostly just dishes, laundry, and wiping counters/tables, but still. After the house was in a tad bit better shape I just kinda chilled with Bubbles and did some reading and napping. 

Around 4 pm I headed out with Dean for a second run! I don’t usually double but sometimes it’s necessary! Like days when I couldn’t finish my long run in the morning. 😉

This run went sooooo much better!!! It was cloudy so the sun wasn’t beating down on me and the wind was nice and cool, so that probably helped a lot. Plus my pace is always better when I run with Dean, since he sorta pulls me through our runs. 

For the most part, I felt really good and I probably would have gone further, but I drank Gatorade before I went out and that didn’t sit well in my stomach. I probably should have known better, but oh well, I’m still happy with how things went. 😃

As for our travel plans, we’re going to be on the road by 5 am on Saturday, where we are going to try to find Luke’s mom and other siblings, who are driving from Minnesota. I definitely don’t envy their drive. I think it’s something like 16-18 hours?? I’m not entirely sure, but driving from Kansas to Oklahoma is only going to take around 4-5 hours, so our drive won’t be as miserably long. 

Our drive is definitely going to be interesting though. I’m pretty sure we’re going to attempt to pack 3 adults, 2 border collies, and a lab mix into a Kia Forte. Along with whatever clothes and what not we have to bring, things may end up a bit cramped. So we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Then we are going to be in Oklahoma until Monday morning. We’re going to be staying at Luke’s step-sister’s house so I’m not sure how that’s all going to work out, but it should be fun. 😄

On Monday we’ll be driving back to Kansas, along with Luke’s mom and siblings. They’re going to be staying at our house until Thursday when they have to drive back to Minnesota. 

So it sounds like we’re in for an interesting few days, but it should be fun! Especially since we don’t get to see all of these people very often. 

And in two week we’ll be driving to St. Louis for my sisters’ birthday/one of my sister’s hip surgery/my dad’s 50th birthday/ Father’s Day. That’s a lot to fit into one weekend (all of those events don’t actually fall that weekend, we’re just celebrating them while we’re there), but I think we’ll manage. 😄

Do you have any fun adventures planned for the summer? 

What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever been on (ours was driving from Kansas to the Grand Canyon)? 


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