Weekly Recap: May 23rd-29th, 2016


So yoga during a thunderstorm is super fun. Just saying. ๐Ÿ˜„ Also, headstand practice went super well! I didn’t have to kick to get up and I even managed to do one without using the wall at all!


So on Tuesday my workout went a little something like this; 10 minute warm up jog, followed by 2 minutes โ€œfastโ€ running and a 1 minute recovery jog, repeat 3 times. Then a 3 minute walk, followed by 2 minutes โ€œfastโ€ running and a 1 minute walking (was supposed to do recovery jog again, but that just wasnโ€™t happening), repeat 3 times. The humidity sucked but other than that it was a decent workout.


  • 30 easy minutes
  • 5 minutes stretching

Well, it was supposed to be easy, but I felt like I was going to die! All this humidity is going to be the death of me. My legs were also super heavy too. Not entirely sure what that was all about. 


  • 1 “easy” mile

Luke decided he wanted to run a mile at 2pm. I think this may have been the hardest mile of my life… It felt like 87 and it was super humid. Those are not good conditions for me. But oh well, 1 sucky mile is better than no miles. 



  • 4 mile run
  • Yoga for runners and 1 headstand at the end

Did a 15 1 mile warm up, followed by 3 miles of complete randomness. I was supposed to do a tempo run, but those still scare me and I’ve been feeling kind of off lately. So for Friday I ran up some hills, did some random pickups, walked a bit, and ran at a comfertable pace. 
About halfway through the workout I started feeling kinda sick, though. Like I was coming down with a cold or something. According to my fancy schmacy watch, I’m suppose to take 3.5 revovery days after this workout, and I’m not gonna lie, that feels about right. I’m thinking a few days off is exactly what I need.


  • Rest day

So, not waking up super early to do a long run was kinda liberating haha. Plus my legs definitely need a break. They feel tired/sore/heavy. Well, all of me does a actually, but my legs are the worst. 

Attempting to even out my sports bra tan line.


  • Rest Day

I woke up super stiff this morning and my back is killing me! I must have slept weird last night…Anyway, I don’t think we’re doing anything today so that’s good! I’m beat!!

Total weekly mileage: 9.92

That would have been closer to 15-16 if I would have done my long run, and that’s what I was aiming for. So at least I know I did good mileage wise aside for skipping yesterday. But sometimes you just need to chill and rest, ya know? ๐Ÿ˜„


5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: May 23rd-29th, 2016

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Haha I totally feel ya! I want to be one of those people who can do a million push ups, but I don’t want to actually do push ups lol.

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