Garden Update 5.24.2016

Just a quick update on our plants, if anyone’s interested in how that’s all going! 

The strawberry plant has more flowers and even a couple of berries growing!

Our peaches are getting bigger everyday. I can’t wait to eat these!!

Our tomatoes have been enjoying the rain! Now they just need a little more heat.

The zuccini plantbis already starting to vine! I’m so super stoked about homegrown zuccini!!!

This is one of our 3 onions. We planted a bunch but only 3 grew…but the 3 that did are doing well.

Broccoli!!!! We’re getting kinda worriec about them, even though they’re all healthy. Its starting to look like we wont get any heads of broccoli. Luckily the leaves are full of nutrients and we can just eat those.

And last but not least, my avocado tree! This thing is my pride and joy!! I literally grew it from the pit of an avocado from the store and I just think thats super neat!

That’s not all of our plants, but it’s most of them! I can’t wait for the plants to start producing! Homegrown food is the best kind. πŸ˜„

All this rain we’ve had over the last two days has helped a lot. But that means I have a lot of weeding to do…I’m probably going to start that tomorrow.

Do you have a garden?

What’s your favorite fruit/vegetable (peaches/zuccini are mine at the moment!!)?

Have you ever tried growing an avacado tree? 


6 thoughts on “Garden Update 5.24.2016

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      The weather here is only warm enough in the summer. I have to bring it inside during the colder months! And then making sure it gets enough light is a struggle, but so far I think it’s doing well!


    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Haha yeah, it’s because I’m absolutely pathetic and I HATE it. And I think me hating it makes me more aware of it, if that makes any sense? But tomatoes absolutely THRIVE in hot weather, so I suppose we need it. Thank you!! πŸ™‚



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