5K, Yay! (And a Few Other Things)

I managed to bust out a 5k today!!! It just wasn’t happening on Saturday thanks to the whole injured ribs situation, so I was a little bit worried about my race this upcoming weekend, but now I know I can get it done! It’s probably going to be painful, and no PRs are going to be had, but at I will be able to finish and that’s all I care about. πŸ˜„

I actually managed to keep a pretty good pace today, all things considered. I ran up “the big hill” against the wind and that actually ended up being my best mile, which is pretty neat. 

Now for some other things; 

 My parents are coming to visit this weekend. You may remember me talking about my mom having a seziure a few weeks ago when they had originally planned to come. It turns out she had the seziure because she had lost 30 pounds but was still taking blood pressure meds that she didn’t need anymore. So I mean, it’s not good that she has the seziure, but the doctors don’t think it will happen again and she doesn’t need her medication anymore because she’s at a healthy weight, which is pretty awesome!! 

So when they come on Friday they’re bringing us a bunch of stuff. They’re pretty much purging they’re house in order to make moving to Colorado easier, and they’ve found some pretty neat stuff! Like my autograph book from Disney world and a bracelet that they had given me on my wedding that we thought was lost forever, among other things. They’re also bringing a bunch of meat, because my dad just had one of his cows slautered. I’m super stoked about that!! His cows are 100% organic and grass fed, so they’re pretty tasty. 😁 Plus, meat is expensive but the beef they’re bringing should keep our freezer stocked for a while. 

I’m STILL trying to figure out the whole job situation. At this point it would just be easier for me to get a job within walking distance because my husband and brother-in-law need both cars for work/school. Unfortunately that doesn’t exactly leave me with many options. I live in a super small town that’s mainly residential. Not to mention that so far, my attempts at obtaining a job at these places have been futile…So yeah, I guess I’m still looking. 

Let’s see, the garden is doing well (I’m sure I’ll be talking more about that later), the bunnies are definitely getting bigger and are enjoying life outside. We do bring them in when it rains though, wet bunnies aren’t exactly happy bunnies. Our dogs, cats, and other critters are all doing well. Luke works. I run and do my best to keep the house in order. My brother-in-law goes to school/work. The world keeps on spinning and life goes on.


So yeah, that got a little more ramble-y than I had originally intended, but that’s what’s going on in Ashley’s world. What’s going on in yours? πŸ˜„


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