Cinco De Mayo, 2016

Coffee + Stephen King + Breakfast = The Best Way to Start the Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo! hope your week has been good so far!!

My week has been steadily improving! As you may know, last Thursday I had a nasty fall in the shower and ended up hurting my ribs pretty bad. To the point where just breathing hurt. But I’ve been improving a little bit every day! Yesterday I was able to get in a short, easy run, and today I managed to go a little bit further!! 😄

Today’s run was also MUCH better. I ran without the aid of ibuprofen and I still felt much less akward. I was also able to take deeper breaths, although that still kinda hurts, and by the time I got home my whole left side hurt and felt really tight. But laying on the floor and taking slow deep breaths helped loosen that all back up. And I’m thinking I need to take some ibuprofen now, just to be on the safe side.

Luckily, I have a really high pain tolerance, so running while in pain doesn’t make me absolutely miserable (actually quite the opposit, but I feel like most runners are a little bit masochistic like that). Not so luckily, I have a really high pain tolerance, so sometimes it’s kinda hard for me to tell when I should back off and take things a little bit easier. That was quite evident today when I decided to throw in two random pickups (one being up hill) for no good reason. Hahaha it just felt SO GOOD to get my legs moving a little bit faster, even if my ribs did hurt a little bit.

At this point I’m super optimistic about my 5k next weekend. Obviously I so t be aiming for a PR like I wanted to before I got hurt. I’m thinking I’ll defitely be and to finish though, even if I do have to take it slow. But it’ll still be lots of fun and I’m super stoked for it!!

Wishing you a very good day!

~ Ashley

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