Reason #1346 Why I hate spring/summer running:

There are more people outside, which means more people trying to interact with me during my runs. Usually it’s just my neighbors small talking or people asking for directions, which I don’t mind. But today some guy pulled up next to me in a car (I HATE when people do that) and tried to ask me out. 😑😑😑

I mean, at least this guy was nice about it. After I told him I was married he complemented me and drove away. Which was much better than getting cat called, it just makes me really nervous when people pull their cars up next to me, I mean, that’s how a lot of people wind up getting abducted! They get pulled into a car and then bad things happen to them…

But anyway, aside from that we had a pretty good run! Shorter intervals were on the schedule for today, but I don’t want to push my shin, so originally I was going to take it easy. But my shin felt good so I ended up running up a bunch of hills. Hills are kind of hard to avoid in my neighborhood, but today I intentionally went after the big ones.


My shin held up well during the whole run. Hopefully it just needed a few days off and some easier days of running *fingers crossed*. I did get a few little burst of speed in though, my running buddy likes to speed up through cross streets and I usually end up getting dragged along haha. All in all, we had a lot of fun today. 😄



6 thoughts on “Reason #1346 Why I hate spring/summer running:

  1. TrekkieLianne

    How hilarious that a guy tried to pick you up while running! Like that’s what we do when we’re looking for guys 😀 Great to hear the shin is happy today. I did 7 miles yesterday and my plantar fasciitis did not get worse. Go us! 🙂

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  2. statomattic

    Beware of stranger danger! Seriously, how is that any different than the creepy strangers we were all warned about as kids who’d pull up in a car asking if you wanted candy? You’re always supposed to say “no” to that!

    More amazing is that he actually thought that might work. Either he is waaaayyy more attractive than I am, or I was doing it wrong in my single days and just needed to pull up alongside girls on the street in my swanky blue Ford Escort until one said “yes.”


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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Oh trust me, I’m very wary of strangers! I don’t often go for walks/runs without a dog, and I ALWAYS carry pepper spray and my phone. When people pull up to me with cars I always back away a few steps. You’re right though, I probably shouldn’t have engaged with him, but he started with “can I ask you a question” and people ask me for directions all the time, so I thought maybe he was just lost.
      Haha no he wasn’t exactly attractive, but he handled the rejection well. Some people don’t. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about guys freaking out when a girl rejects him.
      But yeah, the fact that he even thought that would work is incredible. Like, really dude? You see a girl you find attractive on the street and thing driving up next to her and asking her out is really going to work? No. That’s just creepy…

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