More shin trouble…

I had to cut my run on Tuesday short because my shin started hurting again. It’s pretty much been fine since, but I haven’t run on it since.Yesterday was a cross training day and today is a rest day.

Since it only hurt towards the end of my run on Tuesday I’m probably going to try an easy run tomorrow and I probably won’t go long on Saturday. I’m just really hoping it needed a few days of rest and I won’t have to take anymore time off…

I’m kinda wondering if my tight quads are my problem. I’ve noticed that every time this happens my quads are super tight. I see a lot more foam rolling in my future. 

I also wonder if actually warming up would help. Haha don’t get me wrong, I always use the first 10 minutes of my run to slowly ease into things, but maybe that’s just not cutting it? I guess I’d better add some dynamic stretching in before I hit the pavement. 

Looks like I’ve got some experimenting to do!

Do you have tight quads? 

Have they ever caused shin pain?

Do you warm up before you run, or do you use the first mile or two of your run as a warm up? 


7 thoughts on “More shin trouble…

  1. Heather

    I’ve never been one to stretch before a run, but I find it very helpful to cool off slowly AFTER a run. I always try to plan a route that will put my finish line about a 10-minute walk from home or my car, so that I can walk cool. I’ll also do some walking lunges and forward bends to touch my toes. If I don’t walk/stretch cool after a run my legs are always super tight the following day.

    For your shins, it might be helpful to find somewhere you can run on a softer surface. If you don’t have access to trails try just running on the grass next to the sidewalk. If you can’t get off the hard, man-made surfaces, maybe look into shoes with a bit more cushioning.
    Final suggestion: If you’re already wearing well-cushioned shoes, have a look at the overall condition of them and think about how long you’ve been wearing the same pair. It might just be time for new ones.


    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I always cool off after runs, it’s warming up that I don’t seem to have the patience for lol. I absolutely CANNOT do shoes with a lot of cushioning. Seriously, they hurt my feet sooo bad. Anything super cushioned or supportive is a no go for me. The two pairs of running shoes I currently have are still in really good shape. I’d have to check, but I dot think either pair has over 200 miles on them. Thanks for the suggestions, though! πŸ™‚


  2. breathingunderwaater

    Definitely check your shoes out
    Used up tires are detrimental for a car just as worn shoes are toxic for a runners body.
    Also, ICE is your best of friends. It will help with the inflammation, but you must keep up with it daily!
    Thirdly, could it possibly be running form?

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      My shoes are still relatively new and are in great shape. Neither pair has over 200 miles on them at this point (actually, I don’t think one pair has even gone over 120 yet).
      Yeah, I’ve been icing it, probably not as much as I should though lol.
      I’m not sure about this one. I’ve been told by many different people that I make running look easy or effortless (even though I’m really slow), so I know I’m running upright and relaxed. I used to heel strike, but with a lot of effort I’ve managed to make forefoot striking the way I naturally land. From what I understand that should reduce the amount of impact felt in the legs/knees, and in my experience that’s definitely been the case. I do, however HARDCORE land on the outside of my foot. I kinda wonder if that has anything to do with it. Haha I should probably have my gait analyzed…


      1. breathingunderwaater

        How funny I ran cross country and tend to heel strike as well. Until recently I was going to physical therapy and was told that I need to focus on forefoot striking too.

        If it persists I would advise to maybe have a professional check your running form – it can only help!
        I’s assuming it is shin splints though.

        Oh, one thing I almost forgot, I also found out at PT that some minor muscles in my legs are weak because as humans we forget about them. They gave me exercises to do in order to help. Maybe that could be the case as well!


  3. TrekkieLianne

    I don’t have quad or shin trouble but I apparently have tight hamstrings and calves because I’ve had tons of Achilles and plantar fascia trouble. I found Active Isolated Stretch to be helpful. I ordered the Jim/Phil Wharton DVD online and have used it for years. I also do yoga a couple of times a week to maintain all over flexibility. I should do more strength training but It seems to be the thing I neglect the most.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I totally feel you on the strength training things. It’s the thing I neglect the most as well! Actually, I’ve kinda been neglecting stretching a little bit too. Maybe that’s my problem lol.



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