Things to Work On

Every so often I like to pick 3 or 4 things to really focus on improving. I feel like I’m really good at falling in and out of bad habits, so sometimes I find it quite useful to work on a few specific things for about a month or so. 

  • Yoga/stretching

About a year and a half ago I had a pretty legit home yoga practice going on, but I really fell off the wagon on that one. Then just last week I spent a grand total of 5 minutes stretching, which is totally unacceptable for me. I need to get back into a consistent yoga and stretching routine. I’m thinking something like a 30 day challenge needs to happen.

  • Water intake 

Ugh! I’m usually so good at this!! But lately drinking water has just been so unappealing. Like, I’ll be thirsty but I won’t want to drink anything. And I’m totally feeling the affects of not drinking enough. Every morning I wake up and feel almost hung over. You’d think that alone would be enough motivation to drink enough but apparently not. Plus my poor little plant nanny plants (it’s an app!) are suffering along with me. ☹️

  • Nutrition

Oh man, this is the one thing that I’m SEVERLY lacking in. I used to be sooooo good at eating really clean, but still maintaining a good balance with treats and whatnot. But I’ve fallen back into the trap that is junk food and overeating. I’m also about 20 pounds over what I think is a good weight for me, and the only way in going to lose those 20 pounds is to get my eating back on track.

All that being said, my running is actually going super well! I’ve been improving quite a bit over the past few weeks. So I’m wondering how much better my running could actually be if I get these few things back on track. I guess we shall see! 

Do you find yourself falling in and out of bad habits? 

How much water do you drink in a day (I aim for almost a gallon)?

Do you do well with proper nutrition/clean eating? 

Is your running/training going well? 


2 thoughts on “Things to Work On

  1. bjscheirer

    Bad habits, they come and go. I, too, start something good and fall off. I think the shift work and long hours makes it that much harder for me to keep something up, but I don’t want to fall into excuses either.

    Water, we have been discussing that in the comm center the past few days. I know I don’t drink enough, I should be drinking just under a gallon, but I think I usually get between 50 and 80 oz.

    Nutrition… well, it’s telecommunicator appreciation week. We have been shown a lot of appreciation. The healthiest thing we’ve had has been an eatable arrangement. I know my family would benefit from a cleansing, but man is that hard to do!

    Training, perhaps when I get down to seminary I’ll kick the whole training thing into gear. Until then I just try to get out and get going whenever I can.

    Happy Trails.

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