Everyday Adventures: Dog Park Fun Featuring a Caucasian Shepard

My parents are visiting this weekend! They drove in from Illinois this morning and they brought their 5 month old puppy, Niko!! Last time I saw him he was 5 pounds, now he’s a whopping 50! And before long he’ll be 150 pounds and still a lap dog, according to my mom and dad. 

We’ve been promising to take them to the dog park on their next visit, so that’s what we did, and boy was Niko popular! EVERYONE was stopping my dad to ask about him. I mean, it’s not every day you see a dog that looks like a little bear cub walking around. 

Lily and Dean aren’t easy to keep up with.

Obviously Lily and Dean had fun, they come to the dog park almost every weekend. But it was all brand new for Niko and it was fun watching him sniff, explore, and make new friends. 

He even found a friend who was the same age and size as he is.


Trying to play fetch with Lily and Dean.

Now that the dogs are nice and worn out, Luke’s making steak, and I’m making mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese for dinner! Oh and my mom and dad brought some wine they made, so we should have a really good night. πŸ˜‰

My running is definitely going to suffer this weekend, but I kinda anticipated that. My nutrition is also definitely going to suffer and I already know I’m going to eat a shit ton tonight, but I’ve decided in just going to relax, enjoy myself, and not worry about it. 

Wishing you a happy Saturday!

~ Ashley 


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