Weekly recap March 14th-20th, 2016


  • 2 miles (30 minutes of run/walk intervals) with the husband 

Ewwww it was 70 degrees for this run and I hated it…but it it was a good excuse to wear my spiffy new shorts, so at least there’s that. πŸ˜‰



  • 5 minute warm up on the stationary bike, 1 speedy mile, 1 mile walk to cool down
  • 5 minutes of stretching 

I think it’s safe to say that spring has sprung here in Kansas. Unfortunately for me, as the temperature goes up, my pace tends to go down (which is saying something, because I’m already super slow). But on Tuesday that was not the case, as I managed to shave 26 seconds off of my previous mile time! Yay! 



Didn’t run because of my hip. Actually, I was just planning on taking a rest day on Wednesday. But I decided that wasn’t going to do me any good. Just because one part of my body is hurt doesn’t mean I can’t work another. I need to work on strengthening my upper body, so instead of sitting around pouting I used this as an opportunity to do just that! πŸ˜„



  • Easy 20 minute run

I was super sore from Wednesday’s workout so I wanted to do something to help flush out some lactic acid. Plus my hip felt pretty good and it was a bit chilly out so I wasn’t about to pass that up. 😁



  • Much needed rest day

I tweaked something in my left arm during Wednesday’s workout. It’s not awful, but I can’t straighten my arm all the way. πŸ˜… I’m just one big pile of injuries. Haha my hip is feeling better though! It felt fine on Thursday’s run and in thinking a long run on Saturday wouldn’t be a bad idea. 


My hip felt really good during this run! It was a little stiff/painful after though. And I totally forgot to stretch so that didn’t help the situation…



Alrighty! Did quite a bit of stretching today since I didn’t do any yesterday. It was mostly just random stretching throughout the day, but I did some yoga in the morning and did my usual routine later in the day. 

Total weekly running mileage: 9.58 miles

Meh, I’m not exactly thrilled with how this week went. I’ve gotten lazy with strength training and stretching. Those two things are kinda important since I’ve been injured a lot…My goals for next week are to get 3 strength training session in and stretch every night. It’s what I should be doing anyway. 

I hope you had a good week! 



2 thoughts on “Weekly recap March 14th-20th, 2016

  1. Lucy

    Awesome looking week! I always forget to stretch, too (then my right knee locks up). It just feels like we should be allowed to be done (collapse on the ground and never move again) after a good run.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Right?! I’ve gotten into a really bad habit of saying I’ll stretch at night while we’re watching TV, but by then I usually can’t be bothered.

      Liked by 1 person


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