My wake up call this morning involved a 35 pound border collie jumping directly onto my bladder at 6:30. That was fun. (I know you’re going to read this at some point, so thanks for that Luke, that was real cool. πŸ˜‘)

I do need to start getting up earlier though, since it’s going to start being hot and gross soon. Luckily it wasn’t all that hot this morning, but it was quite humid thanks to it raining. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m excited about the rain, our garden needs it, I just don’t do so well in humidity thanks to asthma. 

That plus a few other factors made my run a bit difficult, the first mile was especially hard (isn’t it always?) but it got better after that. I’m starting to increase my long runs again, so I did 5 miles instead of 4. That’s not exactly a big change, but since I’m not training for anything at the moment I have the time to take things slow. Plus I really want to feel like I’ve “conquered” each distance before I move up. Especially since I’ve been injured a lot lately. 

I tried honey stinger waffles for the first time today and I’m pretty sure they’re my new favorite thing.

I think I’m doing pretty well injury-wise at this point. My shin has felt a lot better lately. My hip was giving me a bit of trouble a few days ago, but aside from being a bit stiff it feels a lot better now. Really the only thing I have to complain about are the sick nasty blisters I got today. I knew I should have put vasaline on my feet. I always get gross blisters when my feet get wet (no amount of moisture wicking socks and properly fitting shoes have helped. If my feet get wet or too sweaty, I get blisters).  

I feel like this picture doesn’t do them justice. Also, im really sorry I just posted a picture of my gross foot. You deserve better than that…

Anyway, since it rained this morning we definitely won’t be taking the dogs to the dog park. It’s waaaay too muddy for that…We’ll probably just end up playing Pokemon for the rest of the day and I’m totally ok with that! I’ve got some hardcore training to do!!

We ‘re very serious about pokemon here in the Dailey household. πŸ˜‰

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Ashley


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