My quads are trashed! 

I don’t know what I did to trash them either…I didn’t do any speed work last week, I didn’t run any crazy down hills, my long run wasn’t all that long, and I haven’t done any hardcore strength training. Weird. 

Maybe it’s the weather changing? I’ve heard from several people that when the weather changes their legs get sore/heavy. But anyway, I’ve got my feet up, pretty soon I’m going to go for and easy recovery run, then I’m going to stretch/foam roll to my hearts content. Here’s hoping my legs feel better tomorrow! 

I literally cannot accomlish anything without a cat or dog getting involved.

~ Ashley


2 thoughts on “My quads are trashed! 

  1. statomattic

    Every once in a while (like once or twice a year) I get the “heavy quads” feeling, too. Seems to happen at random, but I’ll go out for a run and quickly find that my legs feel like cinder blocks. The good news is, after a day of rest I usually will feel completely normal again and sometimes even stronger. I think it’s just our bodies reminding us to give it a rest from time to time to recover and gain strength. Feel better soon!

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