Weekend Adventures

Yay three day weekends!! My husband is lucky enough to get every other Friday off so we actually have a lot of these, which is super awesome!


We started off our weekend by running some errands and doing a little bit of grocery shopping. You know, boring adult stuff. After that we took the monsters to the dog park, then we did some gardening! 

We built a little fence out of chicken wire, tilled the ground, and planted onion and broccoli seeds. Hurray! I can’t wait until we get the rest of our garden planted, but we have to wait until May before we can really get going. 

Gerald is watching over our newly planted seeds. (It’s bad luck if you don’t name your garden gnomes right away.)



Saturday means long run day! I’m still only doing an hour for my long runs but I’m getting a little farther every time! I made 4.3 miles this time. πŸ˜„

We did more gardening on Saturday. We built another little chicken wire fence and planted cauliflower and leeks. So almost the exact same thing we planted on Friday haha. But we were talking about planting carrots on Sunday, so at least we’ll have a little bit of variety.

We spend A LOT of time outside during the spring/summer, and that usually means Luke will be grilling. And he has ever day this weekend so far haha. He grilled me a spaghetti squash with a little bit of butter and maple syrup (sounds weird, I know, but it’s actually super yummy!!) and after all the work we did I was a little bit excited about it. 😁


After dinner we went to the playground again, because it’s totally normal for grown adults to do that. 

By the time we finally went in, got showered, and sat down for the night, I was EXAUSTED!


I know on my weekly recap I said Sunday was a rest day, but it turns out I didn’t do much resting. 

Luke and I ended up playing softball with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. It was pretty fun for the most part! Super windy though. But apparently I did pretty well and have enough potential to be in a coed league that Luke wants to start. Haha I’m still not sure about that though, I don’t exactly like participating in team sports (maybe that’s why I like running so much! πŸ˜‰). 

After our game my shin started bothering me again. Sad face. But Luke heard about this Artic Wrap stuff and he thought that may help me a lot. So, we went and got some, and holy cow it really did help! It worked a lot better than an ice pack because I honestly don’t know where it actually hurts, so I just wrapped it around my whole shin and now I feel great! Fingers crossed that this stuff helps whatever I have going on (please please please not another stress fracture!!). 

So yeah, I think that about covers it. I feel like we accomplished a lot with our garden and we’re all super stoked about that. I’ve got a pretty sweet tan (and some even more awesome tan lines) going on already. Haha we’ve had a very outdoorsy weekend. πŸ˜ƒ

How was your weekend? 

Do you have a garden?

Have you tried Artic Wrap? 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. girlmeetsrunning

    Hey, great post – you are busy! We have a garden but sadly not that large and it is currently an over-grown mess thanks to Winter! But will get back out there as soon as we can and make it nice for Summer.
    I haven’t heard of Arctic Wrap, but seems like it will help my partner so will Google it now – thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      That’s awesome! Our little plots aren’t actually all that big, we’re just kinda turning out whole yard into a garden.😁I bet yours will be awesome this summer though!
      Oh! I actually just realized I was mistaken! It’s actually called Arctic Ease! But I would definitely recommend it! I’ve only used it once and my shin feels sooo much better!!

      Liked by 1 person


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