Ab Work and Jujitsu and running! Oh My! 

So yeah. These are all things my husband and I are going to attempt to do tonight when he gets home from work. Well, I suppose “attempt” is the wrong word for all three of those activities. We’re going to go for a run, do ab work, then attempt some jujitsu moves.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a tad bit apprehensive about the whole jujitsu thing. We’re going to be watching instructional video’s because, holy cow, classes are expensive! And it’s not like I have anything against videos like that. I do yoga, Pilates, and workout videos that are on YouTube all the time. It’s just that these are fighting moves and that’s kind of intimidating…

I am, however, super excited that Luke’s going at this fitness thing 100%! He’s done workouts and stuff with me before, but it never really stuck. Hopefully it will this time. I think it will, since we’re going to try out things he wants to do. And it’s only fair that we do, I’ve been making him run and he HATES doing that haha!  Plus trying new things is always a good thing, right? Haha I guess we’ll find out tonight!



2 thoughts on “Ab Work and Jujitsu and running! Oh My! 

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Haha that’s what I thought initially too, but apparently it’s slow, step by step instructions of a few submission moves. And we’ve both sworn to do our best not to hurt each other lol. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 😬

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