Random Life Things

  1. Apparently the grocery store that supposedly wants to hire me is busy with a lot of things right now and may not call until next week. It’s all good though, at least I kinda know what’s going on on their end. I’m sure they’ll end up calling soon, but according to my brother-in-law they want me to work full time when I only applied for part time. That’s not going to happen. I worked full time at a Walgreens from 2010-2012 and it was HORRIBLE! For some reason people think it’s ok to treat retail workers like shit, and then you have to take it all with a smile because “the customer is always right”. Bullshit. 
  2. My shin is starting to hurt again. Awesome…and I don’t think standing all day working at a grocery store is going to help (that’s how I got stress fractures in the first place, although I don’t know if that’s what this is). So, no running for me. At least for a few days. That sucks, but I still have the stationary bike and Jillian Michaels’ workouts I can do. I’ll just have to skip out on some of the high impact cardio intervals in her videos. I’m also going to try to wear my compression socks more often. Haha honestly I should probably see a doctor about this, but I HATE HATE HATE doctors.
  3. Since we’re on the topic of injuries, my right hip and left IT band are actually doing really well! My hip hasn’t had any pain in weeks and my IT band, while tight at times, hasn’t really bothered me either. I guess the strength training is working!! πŸ˜„
  4. And speaking of strength training (haha I’m obviously a master at segways), I’ve been training my husband! Mostly body weight exercises with some weights thrown in since we only have a few dumbbels. I even got him to run with me the other day!! Apparently I’ve been kicking his ass (in a good way). Haha that kinda makes me feel like I actually will be a good personal trainer and have a pretty good idea about what I’m doing. I kinda worry about that a lot…I wish I was a more confident, less anxious person. 
  5. We’ve officially started our garden! We have some peppers, lettuce, pumpkins, and daisies growing inside. As you probably already know, I hate the summer, and the heat, and humidity, and all that jazz, but I am excited to be growing things again! I’m not at all kidding when I say that my goal in life is to be a farmer. I want to grow things, raise cows/chickens/goats, and breed border collies. And before anyone wants to say “well Ashley, that’s a lot of work. Do you really know what you’d be getting yourself into?” The answer is yes! I grew up on a small family farm! Obviously I don’t know all the ins and outs, but I’ve helped raise animals, garden, and stuff like that since I could walk! Plus breeding dogs kinda runs in my family, haha but that’s a whole other thing. 
  6. Speaking of dogs  (now I’m just doing it to be obnoxious), it’s getting to be puppy season and I keep seeing them everywhere and now I have hardcore puppy fever! Aren’t people my age supposed to have baby fever? Because I’ve never had that…all I know is I want ALL OF THE PUPPIES!! And I want a goat, but you can’t exactly keep those when you live in city limits…

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. These are just some things that are going on/I’ve been thinking about lately. 

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an awesome weekend!! 

~ Ashley 


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