Happy Saturday!! 

The husband’s dad (and possibly step-mom and brothers) are driving from Illinois to visit today. So he and my brother-in-law cleaned the whole house! How awesome are they?!

And what was I doing during all of that fun? Why, running of course! 😉 Haha it was a pretty good run too. It was cold and cloudy and there were even a few flurries (so basically I was ridiculously happy). 

This is the farthest I’ve run in an hour since half marathon training. Super exciting! And I almost negative split every mile. How exciting!!  


Haha I’ve had too much coffee and I’m all jacked up on endorphins so I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make and sense. 😆 

~ Ashley


4 thoughts on “2.13.16

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  2. bjscheirer

    That is an awesome run. Especially if it means you don’t need to clean. Another blogger called his a negative split a royal flush. Mile two costs you the “royal” title, but I’ll still call it a flush. Good job.

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