So. Much. Cleaning. 

And yet I feel like I still haven’t gotten anywhere. I suppose that will happen when you have 3 dogs who like to roll around in the dirt and then bring it in with them, and a cat who decided to pee on a whole load of clean laundry…Oh well, at least they keep me busy. 

I did get a few things accomplished though. The couch is clean, the vacuum is unclogged (taking it apart was a whole ordeal), and the pile of dishes that accumulated in the sink over the weekend are cleaned and put away. Go me! 

Oh and I got a super awesome workout in today. 16.5 miles on the stationary bike, then some yoga and ab work. The bike workout was actually a lot of fun! Haha I usually HATE the stationary bike (and treadmills) because it’s super boring, but for whatever reason that wasn’t the case today. πŸ˜„

How has your Monday been?

Do you like stationary bikes/treadmills? Or do you die of boredom every time you use them? 


5 thoughts on “2.8.16

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I do a lot of different things for ab work. Haha I get super bored doing the same thing all the time. This is the workout I did today.

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      1. Ashley Dailey Post author

        No problem! I totally feel you! Sometimes I just don’t know what to do and sometimes if I’m not following along with someone I end up cutting things short or not pushing myself hard enough.

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