Stomach Cramps 

Man, I miss the days when I could eat anything without any issues…A year or so ago I started having stomach issues. It started with fish. Any time I ate ANY kind of fish I would get HORRIBLE stomach cramps. Like, curled up in fetal position unable to move horrible. So, I just don’t eat fish anymore. Easy enough, right? 

Apparently not. Recently something else has been giving me stomach cramps as well, and I think I figured it out today. Spinach. Freaking spinach that has so many nutrients and is so good for you gives me horrible stomach trouble. 

Luckily I’ve found that a hot pack on the stomach helps a bit, but these cramps usually puts me out of commission for a few hours. So I’m going to be stuck here for a while.

I recently read that scientists have figured out what your appindex is for and people who don’t have them anymore tend to have stomach issues. I suppose that would make sense but I had an appendectomy 11 years ago and I’m just now having issues. So I guess I just think it’s weird that it’s just now causing me issues. (This is just a theory though, but the article I read really made sense to me and really did seem to explain my issues). 

Well, either way, I now have two foods I can’t eat without pain and I hate it. ☹ On the bright side, I got my run and work out in already, so I won’t be missing out on that. 

Are there any foods that give you stomach troubles? 

Do you have any remedies for stomach cramps (I could really use them right now)?


6 thoughts on “Stomach Cramps 

      1. Ashley Dailey Post author

        I’ve heard caffeine does and spicy things make sense but I’ve never hear of mint causing stomach issues. I totally believe it though! I mean, I’ve never heard of spinach causing stomach issues either. Lol same! One time I ate fried catfish even though I knew it was going to give me cramps. I LOVE catfish haha.

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  1. whostardis

    high fat ground beef gives me stomach troubles, fine by me i shouldnt be eating that anyway. spinach is a strange issue though. I know some people do develop food “allergies” later in life which is weird but i guess makes sense….

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I’ve heard that too. Apparently developing fish allergies isn’t all that uncommon but I totally agree, spinach is a really weird one…



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