IT Band Troubles and Other Injuries

So, I’m kinda regretting those 5 miles through my neighborhood yesterday. My IT band is definitely feeling it today….

I’m hoping it’s just a bit irritated from running so far on cambered roads and that rest, ice, and stretching will have it feeling better soon. I’m just coming back from one injury, I don’t want to take off any time for another. 

Now that I think about it, cambered roads have made me super injury prone. The first two years I spent running were relatively injury free. But that was when I was running exclusively on a paved trail. 

Now that I’ve spent 5 or 6 month running on a cambered road I’ve been dealing with IT band issues in my left leg, a persistent injury in my right hip, and pain in my left shin that felt very much like the stress fracture that I used to have (luckily that’s completely gone now). 

I suppose I need to focus more on strengthening my hips. I already stretch, foam roll, ice things, and cross train. So making my hips stronger seems like the logical next step in my opinion. 

Do you have any persistent injuries?

How are you dealing with them? 


5 thoughts on “IT Band Troubles and Other Injuries

  1. rekkrrunner

    On my journey to recovery I have talked in length to many different Physical therapists. I’ve heard a lot about the dangers of running, biomechanics, and training. Because of my own injury I have had hip/IT band issues. I would try also stretching your abductors. It is crazy how all the muscles relate!

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  2. TrekkieLianne

    My injuries are both legendary and laughable. I started running at 52 years old, so I’m already working with used equipment. I had IT band trouble but stretched my way out of it. Google “Summit Medical Advisor IT Band Exercises”. It’s a physical therapy website. If you do the stretches 3 x a week for a month or so, you’ll be healed. Then do them weekly for maintenance. I’ve had IT band, Achilles and plantar issues on and off over the years. Now I stretch the entire posterior chain daily, I strength train and do core work like it’s my religion.

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